Chickens In My Garden, ceramic mosaic

Chickens In My Garden, ceramic mosaic

“Many things grow in the garden that were never sown there.”
Thomas Fuller 1732

img_0090_jpg img_0091_jpg2

Three years ago when I completely remodeled this little house, the garden became hard-packed dirt from all the construction activity. There wasn’t even a walkway to the house, only a path of mud to the front door with scrap wood laid over it. Below the beautiful big window in the front, the gray foundation seemed far too prominent. The skies were also turning winter gray. I needed color and fast. My first project was a mosaic to cover that boring foundation.

I had kept chickens in this small city yard for many years and I miss their strutting, the sowbug and slug control, and the eggs. So my mosaic, as you see, put some chickens back in the yard. No eggs, but color and attitude.

My friend Jana, who is a wonderful watercolor and oil painter and who has a popular blog about her painting process and other matters of life, suggested, several months ago, that I start one to talk about ceramics


4 responses to “Beginnings

  1. Hey, cool blog. Can’t wait to see more! I’ll take care of that of that domain name thingee soon.

  2. Your chicken frieze is even more dramatic and beautiful than these pictures show. It’s also good to see how it looks as a base for the house. Someday, maybe I’ll have a house with a Barbara Edwards foundation….

  3. Good idea, Diana. I will post the picture of the whole front of the house sometime soon. I wanted this picture to enlarge when you click on it, but I haven’t figured out how to make that happen yet. Hopefully you will have the house you want soon.

  4. I haven’t named my mural hen but I call her
    “gorgeous”… all decked out in gold and brown sweeping feathers. I’m a lucky friend!!!

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