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Raul the Rooster

Raul the Rooster

It still, 3 years later, makes me happy to come up the walk and see my chickens when I happen to look over at them. I never have to worry about marauding raccoons, visiting dogs, or surprising a skunk looking for eggs while locking the henhouse door at night. When our last chicken, Rosie, died some few years ago my husband said, “No more” because he couldn’t stand how sad our daughter got when one of the chickens died. The mosaic ‘ode to chickens’ is enough.

The chickens on the mural are made from B-Mix and/or Sandstone Buff clay. They are cut from half inch slabs and pushed out from the back and worked from the front so they are hollow, then fired to cone 5 in an electric kiln. The mosaic pieces are whatever tile or dishware I could find that had the colors I wanted.


One response to “More on Chicken mosaic

  1. Great post! I didn’t know Raul had a name but I’m happy he’s safe from marauding raccoons and skunks.

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