My First New Year’s Resolutions


Is it too early for a New Year’s Resolution? I thought of my first one today: “Stay on one theme” for awhile. I flit from one project to another. A head here, a flower there, here a lamp base, there a picture tile, everywhere bowls, birds, cacti . . . so many possibilities. I don’t think it is because I get bored easily, although that may be true. I just want to do everything. The ideas come faster than my ability to produce. But you have heard it here. I am going to do more planning and work on a series of, um, something – starting in January.
Related to this theme of doing too many different kinds of things is to spend more time planning and finishing. For instance, I make a bowl because I want to try out a design with the majolica glaze so I skimp on the time needed to make a really finished bowl with a nice foot, so I can get to the glaze portion of the show. When I am done, I am happy, hopefully, with the glaze but really missing that foot. OK that will be my second Resolution – Spend More Time on Each Piece. So all I have to do is remember them for more than the next 10 minutes. I am writing them down right now and hanging the sign in my car so I can see it when I drive to the studio.

By the way, according to, Only 45% of Americans wrote up resolutions in 2005, down from 88% of people who did it in the good old days. Most people gave up, I guess, because their resolve wasn’t strong enough. Only 8% said they are always successful. I thought maybe making resolutions had just gone out of style, but out of that 45% that do make resolutions, young people are still trying to improve themselves while we olders have mostly given up. 57% of the 18 to 24 respondents to the survey have hopes to improve themselves while only 32% of the over 54 crowd even take a stab at it.


One response to “My First New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Ha! That was a funny post. Either we’re getting more satisfied with our lot and thus not making resolutions or we’ve just completely given up hope! I don’t make resolutions anymore but I do make intentions/plans/goals. Those are a little more gentle I think, and are based on “want to” instead of “have to” As soon as I set up a “have to” I immediately rebel so I have to sneak up on resolutions…

    I’m enjoying your blog.

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