Inauguration morning


Here is part of the scene at the Cheese Board in Berkeley this morning. I walked up at 8:30am to get a “chocolate thing” (sweet bread with dark chocolate chunks – I am more than mildly addicted). My plan was to go early, get my delicious treat and come home and watch the inauguration at 9am Pacific time while making food for a party tonight. When I got there, the crowd was behind the cheese counters, and spilling out the door, watching the big screen tv. There was a equal crowd at the Cheese Board Pizza one storefront down. I tied the dog to a parking meter and wormed my way in to get the purpose of my trip and then saw an old friend and was offered a place to stand near the back with a clear view of the screen. I quickly decided that it would be much more fun to be with these excited people and stayed and cheered and clapped along with everyone else. Happy, happy day.


One response to “Inauguration morning

  1. I’m going to have to try one of those chocolaty breakfast things — or maybe I shouldn’t get anywhere near them to avoid the addiction. You make them sound so yummy. How neat to see the inauguration at the Cheese Board. I was at home sick, but somehow your story reminds me of wandering into a grocery store in Happy Camp, CA where on a TV over the meat counter Nixon was resigning his presidency. I’ll never forget that incongruous moment of funky piles of meat and Nixon. Organic, gourmet cheese and Obama makes a much better combination!

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