One head


Expect nothing, live frugally on surprise. Alice Walker

I guess I am not living frugally enough. I expected a whole different surface on this face. I was hoping that the rough glaze would complement the roughness of the fast clay “sketch”. The test of this crawl glaze broke into discrete rectangular-ish shapes. The glaze on this head kind of crawled in some places, but not the dry, flaky way I thought it would. I used an Alisa Clausen glaze – 50% any commercial green glaze (I used a matte green) and 50% magnesium.

I’m thinking that I didn’t apply it thickly enough, because it is noted in the glaze recipe that it has to be applied thickly, but even in the thick parts it’s more interesting but it didn’t crawl like the test did. Here’s a close-up.

closeup2As I was driving home from the studio, I started wondering if I might not have mixed it well enough and that is why it looks more glazey and not dry. I only made a small amount. I wonder if I fire it again if it will crawl or if the crawl ship has sailed. But I have a lot of heads to work on so this one will be set aside for now. I’m movin’ on to the next one.


4 responses to “One head

  1. I like the texture of this glaze, but I see what you mean about it not being flaky. Did you let the glaze sit over night in the bucket and then remix it the next day? I find this helps the chemicals to suspend better. Also I am wondering if this glazed needed to be fired just a bit hotter or longer? I haven’t had much success with refiring by adding more glaze (except in a few cases), but refiring the same piece again has sometimes helped.

  2. Actually Linda, I have to admit I didn’t remix it the next day because it was very thick and I, well, I just forgot. Not my best move, but maybe I will just stick it in the kiln again sometime and see what happens. Good to have that information about letting the glaze sit overnight.

  3. Hmm, the head has interesting personality. He(?) looks a little surprised, like he’s wondering when he started wearing his waffles for a hat.

  4. Yeah, we call him Mr. IHOP.

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