quilting with clay


I have been intrigued with Amy Sanders’ technique of quilting with clay and after seeing her step by step directions on Ceramics Arts Daily, decided to try it today since I have to stay home (my car is getting some much needed new parts) and not go to the studio where I usually work. I went into my tiny “studioette” for the first time in a long while. I built it out of recycled wood, windows, and doors from Urban Ore when we first moved into our house. I had never really built anything before but I wanted to make it small enough that I didn’t need any help. Also we don’t have much room on our narrow city lot. It is 6’x6′ so I only needed Craig to hold up 2 of the framed sides while I attached them to the floor. I mostly use it for making mosaics and use the outside table (now under the green tarp) for grouting.

clayquilt3I tried Amy’s “quilt square” with some very soft paper clay just because it is the only clay I have here that is ready to use. It was very easy to make the seams. What a great way to construct with clay! I am waiting for it to dry a little before I put the back on. I don’t think I made the borders quite wide enough but good enough for a rough draft to see how it is done. Clay is so much easier than quilting with fabric because you can squish the corners into meeting if you don’t get it quite right. Thank you, Amy. www.theretherepottery.blogspot.com

I have made lots of quilts. Mostly I made baby quilts for the babies of friends and relatives but I made one large quilt. My teenage son was exerting an early independence at the time. He was a restless boy and wanted to have adventures and test himself in ways that scared me more than I like to remember. Between struggles, I would quilt. There was something about precisely cutting and sewing the small fabric squares with so little room for error that was calming, and it was reassuring to be in total control of something! That nine patch ended up having about 1100 pieces and by the time I was finished putting it together, my son was also winding down his wild period and beginning to find some safer ways to challenge himself.


4 responses to “quilting with clay

  1. Years ago I used to do quilting where I made my templates with cardboard and cut out each piece of material individually, now there are so many shortcuts. I saw this segment and Amy’s and your’s really do look like quilt blocks.

    I love your studio, how cute, and you did it yourself – what an accomplishment; looks like a secret hideaway to me.

  2. Karen Lord_Hurwitz

    Karen Lord-Hurwitz- I am enchanted by this quilting method, and find it to be a great expression of the imagination. Recently I made my first quilted garden wall hanging, and it turned out be be my best piece yet. I am now trying to come up with new ways to use this wonderful Idea. Good work!

  3. Karen Lord_Hurwitz

    Great idea and beautiful work. Just made my first quilt pattern wall hanging and it turned out to be quite a challenge with many lessons on technique. Looking forward to more info on this great style.

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