Over and In the Head

redhead The latest head in it’s almost finished state. I like to see the finger marks and roughness of the clay. I hope I like it that way when it is glazed. I may just use iron oxide on this one because I like it on this clay.

He is not very big- about grapefruit size and I made him out of a ball of clay so he will have to be hollowed later.



Here is how he looked at the beginning. I really like his expression. I thought at first he would be a funny guy but he turned out to be pretty somber.

Speaking of having to hollow out, here is how one of the big heads looked when I cut her apart.

hollowhead I found some airholes when I was cutting away the clay so I poked her with hundreds of pinholes so I hope she will survive. (An odd sort of brain surgery.)

Now she is back together and you can’t even tell she went through such a terrible ordeal.



I dreamed of heads last night, and kept waking up thinking how terrific the ideas in the dreams were. I wanted to draw the images so I wouldn’t forget them – they were just that wonderful. But in the cold light of day, the images were pretty darn silly and I get a good chuckle each time I remember another one of the “brilliant” ideas.

Here’s another thing that gave me a good chuckle today:

ragman1 sideragman

I’m not sure if this is his hat or his suitcase, but I saw this guy while I was driving up Telegraph Ave. and I was so impressed by his creativity that I drove back around several blocks to come up the street again to try to get a picture. The fuzzy picture was taken at the corner at a red light and zoomed in, but the other one was taken out the window as I slowly drove, wishing there was a place to park.

He has his headpiece so carefully folded, piled and tied around the middle. I am trying to imagine him walking and balancing. Do you remember the Dr. Seuss book about Bartholomew Cubbins and the 500 Hats? Bartholomew couldn’t doff his hat in front of the king because another one kept appearing until there were 5o0 of them and the king was so offended that he was ready to have him put to death. I would like to think that there is some fanciful or interesting story, political motivation or fashion statement behind this guy’s decision to wear stacked up clothing on his head instead of just dysfunction, but I think he looked pretty pleased with himself.


One response to “Over and In the Head

  1. Ah the colorful plumage of the Berkeley Oddball! I remember Bartholomew well–must have read it to the boys hundreds of times. The new head reminds me a bit of Denny A. and also some of my relatives. Your heads project is quite remarkable!

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