chasing cars

bowl22 bowl4

I went to see my friend Jana today. We had planned a walk – rain or shine. When I got inside her house and told her it was raining she looked out the window to assess, and, as I looked past her out the window, I saw my car rolling slowly down the street. I flew out her door, and like a cartoon, ran alongside the car till I matched the speed, fumbling for my keys, and jumped in and stopped it before it hit the neighbor’s car.

My car is an old Honda which is serviceable enough. I guess it was made just before the ones where you have to shift to Park before taking out the key. It is easy to leave it in Drive if you are on a level street and it doesn’t immediately drift, but I’m careful about it and it had never gotten away from me before. Jana and I had a good laugh about me chasing the car and we headed out for our walk, got thoroughly wet, had a great talk, and then I drove off to the studio.

I parked in front and got a couple of pots out of my backseat, holding the umbrella in the pouring rain and was walking around behind the car when I realized it was starting to coast -again!!! – backwards this time and there was a nice new car about 6 feet behind it and it was gaining momentum! My first instinct was to lean myself against the trunk and stop the car. (Eating too many Chocolate Things has its advantages.) I spent a few seconds trying to figure out if it was worth getting soaked and maybe breaking the pots to save a couple of headlights before I threw the umbrella and other stuff on the ground, got my key in my hand and made a dash for the door. I stepped on the brake as I swung into the seat. The car jerked to a stop with about a foot to spare.

I don’t know why after owning this car for several years it tried to run away from me twice in one day. It just got a tune up and 2 new tires. So you’re thinking maybe its me that needs a tune-up. Craig thinks I should “just get in the habit of putting it in Park”. Well, I am in that habit – just not today.

I was a little worried about what else might get away from me today but I got this bowl out of the kiln and Joan’s tile that I was worried about came out intact and beautiful and really, everything else has gone smoothly – so far.


5 responses to “chasing cars

  1. That’s hilarious that you did it twice in one day. It was really funny seeing you sprint out the door after your car the first time. At least you’re in good shape and can do things like chase runaway cars.

    I love this plate, it’s shape and vibrant colors! Brilliant!

  2. Wow, you’re quick to have been able to stop it both times! Doesn’t it have a parking brake that you can use?

    Love the form of that bowl!

    • Hi Jerry, It does have a parking brake and using it would be a great habit to get into. I’m going to work on that one. (Then I have to get into the habit of remembering to release it before I drive off.)

  3. Oh my goodness, please be careful, you could get run over trying to jump in a moving car to stop it. I talk though, years ago I was looking for a house to share in San Francisco. I went to one place and my car (56 Plymouth – no I’m not that old but my car was at the time) started rolling down the street and I ran after it and caught it just in time. Funny thing those people didn’t pick me as a roommate – tehe. Love the shape of your plate and the bright and cheery glazes.

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