More Feet

31 I’m still thinking about the relationship of bowls to their bottoms. I think this bowl and foot are pretty well balanced. Not too wide, not too tall, weighty enough, but not too heavy. It doesn’t make me want to cringe and throw a towel over it so that’s a good sign. This foot is a slab that I semi-threw onto the bottom.

The weight of the foot on the flattish bowl below looks OK and balanced to me in person, but in this picture, it looks too heavy. The bowl itself is pretty substantial so at least it won’t tip over.


I tried a couple other ways of “footing” my bowls today. This one is thrown on with a coil. 21It was much pickier than I thought it would be because I thought the coil was an even thickness when I started but later realized it wasn’t . This is certainly where becoming somewhat proficient at throwing would be helpful. I routinely resolve to spend some time each week practicing throwing and then get another handbuilding idea and put it off. There are only so many hours, etc. etc. But my quest for pretty feet might be the incentive I need.

On the other hand, look at this little foot.12

I threw (tossed? slammed?) out a slab of clay that was fat in the middle and thinner on the sides, draped it over a plaster form and cut this tiny foot into the clay pretty darn quickly, but I guess the jury is still out until it dries enough to turn over and see if the cute little thing is enough of a foot to satisfy.

While I was contemplating the feet of bowls, I googled ceramic bowl feet and got to watch a young woman throwing a bowl with her feet! Not what I was looking for, but it was short and entertaining. Have you seen it?


4 responses to “More Feet

  1. Oh, I do sympathize, who knew feet could be so complicated, they do hold everything up though. I am with you about hand building too. When we move I plan on setting up a wheel where I can stand to throw, till then I’ll hand build.

  2. Hi Linda, I really love the process of handbuilding but I would like to at least be able to use the wheel well enough to add a thrown element to my handbuilt things when I want. Have you tried throwing standing up? I’d like to try it.

  3. I really like the top bowl. It seems perfectly balanced. And the video! No way! She’s amazing. Maybe I’ll try painting with my feet!

  4. I haven’t tried it, but I know more and more folks are trying it. Someone who teaches classes told me they could set one up, but I can’t afford any classes right now.

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