Tension is High

22 I had to take a walk this evening to try to stop worrying. “You worry too much,” I was told the other day, and the other day and the other day. It’s a family pastime. I am not as bad as some members of my family, but we all perfected the art at an early age. It hasn’t kept me from many risky adventures including hang gliding, but on a day to day basis, I worry too much – just ask my kids.

Anyway the target of my worry this evening is the current studio firing which includes many of my pieces along with a very beautiful urn that is not mine. When I was in the studio alone this afternoon, I heard loud sounds from the kiln I have never noticed before. Maybe that cracking and popping is normal, but I have terrible visions of that crawlglaze that I heavily re-coated on the waffle-haired head flying off and spotting the special urn or maybe the top part of my majolica lamp base falling over and, . . yikes, it’s all my fault! You get the grim picture. And there’s nothing to do but wait.

So I leashed up the dog and walked north so I would pass the house that always makes me laugh. This guy started beachcombing a few years ago along the shore of the SF Bay and making “things” out of what he found. The table set-up was one of the first and made a great statement in front of his house. He added an arch to his driveway which was also cool, but he can’t stop. He has to rescue every piece of flotsam and jetsam he finds and his front yard now looks like this.

33 44

His neighbors, at least on each side of him, don’t seem to mind because they each have a large sculpture made by him in their front yards. I’d like to meet him and hear his story, er, mission, but I have never been by when he is working on his creations. Maybe he does it at night.

I’ll let you know how things turn out.


4 responses to “Tension is High

  1. i’m always glad to see that there’s people who compelled to do this sort of thing… there’s a long tradition. a friend of mine puts together this type of stuff down along the ohio river except he photographs it in place and leaves it there.

  2. I also worry with each firing & walking is one of my worry-cures too! But I don’t have such a great neighbor. How fun – what a great ‘recycler!’

    Hope your kiln opening is a joy! Post pictures.

    • Hi Judy, thanks for visiting. I really would like to see what the inside of the recycler’s house looks like.
      All of my things came out fine. Well, the crawl glaze still didn’t crawl but at least it didn’t pop off and ruin anything else.

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