img_09361I’ve talked about my dog a few times, so here is a picture of Gerti. Gerti lurks around the front gate waiting for someone to take her out for a walk when she isn’t chasing squirrels or looking for sunny patches for a dognap.

She is at least part chow. She came from the wild and cannabis covered hills of Mendocino county in Northern CA. A friend who has land there brought her to us because as an 8 week old she looked just like our old beloved mastiff mix, Corky. That look lasted about 5 minutes or just until the fluffy fur started growing and changing color.

Gerti’s parents, Daisy and Free (well, it’s Mendecino County, what can I say, half the 25 year old humans who grew up there are named Free or Rainbow), lived with their owners in a house with no plumbing and roamed the hills procreating exuberantly until Daisy was eaten by a mountain lion. It’s sad but true. I try not to talk about it in front of Gerti.

The Gerts is a very affectionate dog. She sort of wraps her body around your legs and snuggles her head against you. I like to think of it as a doggy hug instead of just an insidious attempt to cover me with as much fur as possible.

I’ve always had a dog. Gertigirl is not the smartest, but she may be the sweetest and after her terrible puppy days (she failed puppy training class) she has become very well-behaved. I want one fur free zone, so she is not allowed in the living room. The living room/dining /kitchen is all one big room in our house so there is a just a line she is not allowed to cross and she doesn’t, amazingly enough – at least when we are home.

gertiHere she is with tail wagging and not stepping paw on the living room rug.


6 responses to “Gertigirl

  1. Gerti Girl must be smart if she doesn’t cross the line, that must be awfully hard for her – she looks so sweet. Is that a shot of your front yard? How beautiful and romantic looking.

  2. Hi-I am catching up on your site- The tiles I do are small and light weight. I think I need something else for large works, when I reach that level. I love your post on the holes for screws- I am going to keep that in mind. We have used liquid nail for about 3 years and this year I am having problems with it setting up- I need something else. Gorilla glue is messy- I have not tried a heavy expoxy, but I think that is next.
    Love the story about the couple- it is in many ways is so telling- but so sweet.
    I am also adding you to my blog role- M

    • Hi Meredith, so glad you visited and I am happy to be on your roll. Well, we are on the same search for a reliable epoxy. I keep thinking of that couple and how the husband disapproves, but he is still always there with her.

  3. what a cute dog… maybe her temperament has to do with growing up around the cannabis covered hills… i didn’t realize you were near mendocino, would love to move there but i can’t afford it. i have friends in fort bragg and visited with my nephew right before my daughter was born… i loved it.

    • It really is a beautiful area. The Mendocino coast is one of my favorite places on earth. I live a couple hours south of there. It used to be a place to buy cheap land but not anymore.

  4. Ohhhh Gerti!

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