Next head


Bet you thought I had stopped making heads, didn’t you? I took a small vacation from it but felt the obligation hanging over my head and did this guy the other day. I meant to do this one from drawings, with an expression that I had thought about beforehand, but, no, I just started working and this is the guy that came out. I have been told he looks like he is having a spiritual experience, but I think he just looks like he’s surprised to have popped up here.

So speaking of this obligation – it’s only to me. No one else gives a fig (or is it a twig?), whether I finish making 20 heads in 20 weeks or not. I just want to practice doing faces, but since I said I would make 20 of them I am committed.

My grandfather was a stickler for people keeping their word. If you said you would do something you had to do it. Period. End of discussion and all that. You were a bad person if you didn’t do what you said you would. He lived to be 96 and had that expectation of himself and everyone around him for that whole time. So let me just put it this way: If I don’t do 20 heads, my grandfather will haunt my dreams.

I also said I wanted to try new things on the heads and this one has a couple of different layers of colored slips on the face that you can’t see in the picture, but I hope the rubbing through in places is obvious when fired. Also I used a mouth glaze sprayer to put a rutile slip on the hair. That was pretty fun and it worked well. I sieved the slip first and it was very thin.

Most of the crackly clay “collar” broke off after I took these pictures. I repaired it but I don’t know if it is strong enough to survive. It was an afterthought. My next big project should be: 20 pieces completely planned in advance. Hmm, never mind. I should never make a commitment like that.


8 responses to “Next head

  1. looks like making the hair was fun

    • Two little girls (trailing a grandfather) wandered into the studio when this guy didn’t have any hair. While talking and joking with them, I started putting some funny hair on the top of the head to amuse them, thinking I would take it off later, but when I came back to look at it, I decided it fit him, so – yeah, fun in a lot of ways.

  2. This guy is great, I love the hair and the crackly color, can’t wait to see him fired to see what the rutile slip hear looks like. I don’t know who you kept from getting it all over the rest or did you do the spraying before you attached the hair. His eyes look so real. Hey I give a fig that you finish the heads I am really enjoying them. I think they all need to go in a one person show in a gallery.

  3. should be cracky collar

  4. should be crackly collar – I give up.

    • Thanks for the encouragement Linda. I knew what you meant, but cracky color collar is a great description. The hair was on the head, but I masked off the face with plastic as much as I could before I sprayed the hair.

  5. I just caught up on your blog and loved all the wonderful stories and posts. Then I read Linda’s 3 comments and laughed out loud and long for the first time in a while. I needed that. Thanks Barbara AND Linda!

  6. Crack me up hair-gorgeous!!

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