Kreativ origins?

Kreativ Blogger AwardThanks to Linda Starr for the shout out and blogging award. Linda was one of the first visitors to my site and she always leaves a supportive, thoughtful and often humorous comment. Her blog is always fun, with beautiful pictures, good writing, and creative ways of seeing everyday things.

I got intrigued about the award and thought I would do a little searching to see if I could find out who started it and where. I went to my friend Google and typed in Kreativ Blogger and saw that there were 266,000 results! Looks like the award has been going around the world for a while now, but after an hour or so of searching, I still couldn’t find out where or how it started. Finally I found that it was started in Norway by a blogger named Huldas Verden. Maybe she is an interior designer. (The translation is “I am interior”.) Her photos are pretty. I think the original logo looked like this:

The Norwegian connection explains the spelling, and I wanted to know more but the Google translations were a little hard to wade through. Here is a translated comment on her site: “The bag was huge sweet! There are poor with no blog during the day from my side … today has been in the set, and the one my son has been a little sick on toppne; But THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for your kind surprisingly in the mail, fight heart was nice – and cute cards. Thanks, I liked it very dearly.”

Whew! After playing around for another hour, I decided I had enough information. Not really, I was just tired of searching.

I also found from looking through some of the 266,000 results that there are different versions of what is asked of the Kreativ recipient. Often it was to say 6 things that you like, or are grateful for or that you value. Then you would pass on the award to anywhere from 5 to 8 other bloggers. I wonder if Huldas thought the awards would pass around the world. I sure wish I could read Norwegian.

So, here are the bloggers I am passing this wand to:

Sofia’s Dad’s Pots

Jana’s Journal and Sketchblog

Whynot Pottery Blog

A Painter’sYear

Gary Rith Potter Blog

So many wonderful blogs and several that I look forward to reading have already been tagged with Kreativ, hmm, maybe some of these already have been too. But if you haven’t seen them . . .


5 responses to “Kreativ origins?

  1. OH WOOHOO! And thanks for the explanation! Yippee, thanks!

  2. Great minds think alike, I too looked up Kreativ, but gave up after a couple of pages. He he.
    Love your translations. Thanks for all the compliments I am so glad you enjoy my blog; I sure enjoy yours.

  3. glad you found out where this Kreativ Blogger Award came from. i’ve been wondering the same thing.

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