Want a car?


61My dad bought a car like this in the seventies. He almost never drove it, but kept in in great shape. It was a surprise to look under the hood because you could see the engine and lots of space around it. You could just see down to the ground. I am so used to seeing every inch under the hood being used by hoses and filters and all the other stuff. A car doesn’t need much to just make it go.

These cars and all of these other vehicles were made by John Steinberg who says he’s never taken an art class and works in a studio where “everyone around him throws pots”. I wandered into the Richmond Art Center Gallery when I went to pick up my “book” from Steven Allen’s workshop and these were part of the Member’s Show.


John would like to donate any or all of these pieces to a Children’s Hospital or Pediatrics clinic within driving range of the SF Bay Area. If you know of a place that would like them, I’ll pass on the info.




2 responses to “Want a car?

  1. OH! They are so cute and whimsical!

  2. very cool, love the first rusty one.

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