Just go with the seasons . . .

Sometimes it’s just complain, complain, complain. I was so looking forward to the kiln cooling enough to unload. There were about 8 of my painted bowls in it. BUT, my clear glaze which is usually so reliable, bubbled or pitted on 3 of the bowls, 2 of them warped unappealingly, and 1 sprouted an S crack. Boo.


Moans, and grumbles, but what are ya gonna do, and, – not to be too Pollyanna-ish about it – the shards will be beautiful in a mosaic I will make (someday). Lemons to lemonade (nod to Linda).



bowl bottom

These 2 came out ok but I think I like the bottom of the second bowl a little better than the inside. Maybe it could be a tiny serving bowl with an oversized foot.

And Charles did great! He has underglazes with a satin clear over and he is much less shiny in person than in the picture.


This morning it was chilly and felt like early spring. By this afternoon it was like summer. Tonight the windows are open and the 13 year old down the block is having an outside party and the Jason Mraz is blasting happily through the neighborhood . “Before the cool done run out I’ll be giving it my bestest and nothing’s going to stop me . . .”


6 responses to “Just go with the seasons . . .

  1. boy- the lemons are flowing through us all-
    love Charlie and the bowl.
    I could lend you Sofia’s hammer if she will let us use it!

  2. sorry to hear about your troubles… when the bottom of the bowl looks better, it just means it needs to be displayed on a higher shelf.

  3. So sorry about your bowls and glaze, what clay are you using? I love Jim’s comment about displaying the bowl on a higher shelf, but I do like the color on the front and the back. Charles is great, he looks like he is suspended in mid air. Is he mounted to the wall? We’re supposed to get to 90 tomorrow, I am busy watering everything and wearing myself out. Have fun partying.

    • Actually there are 2 different bowls. Charles is lying on the side of his head and I shot the photo looking down so he looks like he is suspended, but it would be a great way to display him. Hmm.

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