Hot Dog


This is going in the direction of what I have been aiming for with the heads project. I want to make quickish, sketchy heads with some expression. This woman might not have the personality that you would want to sit next to on a long plane ride, but it’s distinct like someone you might remember.

Paperclay has so much strength, I only had to wait about 2 hours before the neck hardened enough to support the head.

hotgertiIt was about 90 degrees today. Gerti knows what feels good on a hot day. She’s wanting a little under her chin.

The clay studio, which doesn’t have enough windows and is hard to come into when it is beautiful outside, was cool and appealing today. It stayed fairly cool till about 4:30. Now that I have come home and watered the dog, I’ll go try to revive my wilting garden.


2 responses to “Hot Dog

  1. Wow, I guess it’s hot everywhere. I have had to water double and I have a lot to water, everything is drying out the humidity is very low. What a beautiful head. I like her eyebrows and her mouth show so much expression to her face and I like the pony tail for her hair. I have never worked with paper clay. I must give it a try. I you using pre-made paper clay, is it Cone 10?

  2. Wow! This is an amazing sculpture! Very classical looking. And yet I see a resemblance between her expression and Gertie’s. Maybe she needs to be watered too?

    I’ve never heard of paper clay. Is it like papier mache? I was wondering if you minded being in the darkish ceramics studio on beautiful days. I felt so disoriented with all of my blinds closed and everything dark. I like the light so i was happy to see the fog back in the sunset last night and today the temp was perfect!

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