Walking to work


I was walking to work today, (more about that in a minute) and the weather was beautiful and everyone was sitting outside at the sidewalk tables at the cafes and sitting on the grass in the median strip – leaning against the signs saying Keep Off – eating pizza or just standing around, but there was a little more buzz than usual even for the noon crowd on a hot day.

Continuing on up the street, I see a couple cop cars, big trucks, and lots of big guys with 2 way radios and ball caps and part of the street blocked off. I figured it was a movie – not an unknown sight in these parts. I asked, when I stopped in for my bakery delight, and the counter guy said a customer told him they were filming an episode of Nash Bridges but somehow(!) that didn’t seem right to me so I went closer and took a few pictures and asked a few questions.


A friendly big guy with a 2 way radio told me they were filming a pilot for a show on NBC called Parenthood. Well, yup, just read the chairs.


These are a couple of about 10 carts of tripods. I had only a little interest in standing around and seeing what would happen, because the real action would undoubtedly be happening inside of Saul’s Delicatessen and I had to get to work, but I now have an ever so peripheral interest in tracking the life of the pilot called Parenthood.

Yes, so about going to work. I agreed to be the testing coordinator for an elementary school giving the required statewide tests. I did it last year and swore I would never do it again so why did I say yes this year? The very nice principal got me with a combination of wily flattery and her anxiety. The job has a limited run of about 3 or 4 weeks, but there is so much picky detail. And rules. And more rules. Every scrap of paper has to be counted, recounted, and counted again, daily! I should just think of the nice piece of paper I will get in the end. The one with the dollar sign on it.


8 responses to “Walking to work

  1. Yeah, think of the dollar sign, those picky details would drive me crazy. Now that I think of it I’m real picky about how my ceramics get loaded into the kiln and I don’t want anyone touching mypieces till they are fired, I guess it all depends upon what a person thinks is important.

  2. Stopped by your blog for my tea break and just enjoyed myself for a little while. I just thought you should know you are appreciated.

  3. Hey Barbara,

    Very fun to visit you here again! And I’m certainly going to Google that NBC pilot on Parenthood and see what I can find out about it!


  4. Hi, luck you to see that. Please keep an eye on Maura Tierney, she’ll be in the pilot. One of the best actresses ever. Just love her work. Also, love the bay area. Thanks. 🙂

  5. Ha! Nash Bridges. I used to love that show and when I worked in SF I often ran into the film crews when I was out walking at lunch. Sometimes it was scary with the fake gunshots, etc. Never did see what’s his name who played Nash Bridges though, who I had a huge crush on.

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