Pat the Bunny


I knew it was going to be a good day when I found this box while I was looking for the tube of Tanglefoot Mary lent me. My studioette is tiny so it amazes me that anything can get lost in it, but I still haven’t found the Tanglefoot.

The thing I like about making boxes is that each side can be different as long as there is some kind of relational aspect. I think this one got stuffed away because I wasn’t happy with the relational aspect of it – there wasn’t enough.

But what I do like is that the clay is so smooth that the underglaze pencil slides over it easily. It is a cone 5 porcelain which I didn’t like for it’s chalkiness and I went back to B-Mix. But B-Mix has too much grog and the feet on my bowls are rough after a glaze firing even if I have burnished them. Maybe there is another solution but I don’t know it so I am looking for a smoother cone 5 clay. I have just made several bowls with Icelia but they haven’t been fired yet. Anyone have a white cone 5 recommendation?

taterThis is Tate, my daughter’s bunny. She (the daughter) goes to UC Berkeley and lives in an apartment near campus with 2 roommates, the bunny, and her roommate’s cat, Lou. Often the animals are left to their own devices for getting attention. Lou pushes his paw through the cage and Tate puts his head down so Lou can “pat the bunny”.


I have never had a cat so it is amazing to me that the cat, which is only about 6 months old, is so gentle with the bunny and it also amazes me that the rabbit is so trusting. Sometimes the cat lays on the top of the cage and dangles a leg in on top of the bunny’s back. Awww.


8 responses to “Pat the Bunny

  1. after all thses guys, the bunny and the cat, live in laid back CA. Too cute!
    Do you find when you look at something again that you look at it differently? Do you feel any different aboutthe box now then you did when it first came out?
    I find that on some thing I change in how I feel about them years down the road.
    Like the cat – just testing the bunny….

    • When I first thought about your question I thought that I like rediscovered things more because I have lost the expectation of how they were supposed to have turned out, but then I thought of the things that I have rediscovered that I am unhappy with because I’ve since learned how to improve some aspect of them.
      In which way do your feelings go?

  2. I like your box, what a classical looking drawing. I have never tried underglaze pencils, will have to one day.

    The bunny is so beautiful, such an unusual color. How sweet they have each other as friends.

    Is that Nara 5 porcelain, if not try that.

    • Thanks, Linda, I will look up Nara porcelain. Underglaze pencils can be pretty fun to use, but I have mostly stopped using anything but the black pencil.
      Tate the bunny is so adorable, but he makes my eyes itch, etc. so he doesn’t get petted by me, either -good thing he has the cat.

  3. Oh, and I use miller laguna 55–which is a lovely white 5-6 clay, but not smooth. Good for throwing!

  4. Ahhh. Tate is adorable. I’m glad they get to have pets in their apartment and that the pets have pets too.

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