Headin’ On

india2After pushing papers all last week, I finally got to the studio today and threw some more pots and was happy to find that I hadn’t completely forgotten how to do it – remember, I am still at that formative beginning stage of throwing where I could give up at any time things are not going well – and I made several more nice size bowls. Nice for me being about 8 inches.

Seems to me that the trimming is a little more difficult than the throwing part. Time to look up some you tube trimming videos. Hmm, I just remembered Ron Philbeck’s video from a few weeks ago. He sounds so relaxed he makes it look easy, maybe even fun. He tapped on the clay a couple of times while he trimmed. Someday, I might know what the various sounds of tapped clay mean. I will watch that again soon, and repeatedly.

I sculpted most of this head the weekend before last, but between working and the “other thing”, I didn’t finish it until today. The “other thing” is whatever I did to my right arm that has been provoking colorful swearing if I move it the wrong way – or any way.

It has been working up to the cursing stage for a few weeks and my usual practice of “ignore it and it will go away” needed a small adjustment so I spent the last few days off the computer, (or mousing and typing using my left hand – hilarious) and most everything else. Seems to have helped enough to get back to clay and computer today.

back to the heads: yes, I am behind on the head schedule. I only have made 9 and I should be at 12 by now, but maybe I will make 3 this week or 4 next week or 5 the week after. Or more realistically, maybe I will allow myself to extend my deadline – arbitrary as it is.


4 responses to “Headin’ On

  1. Holy cats, that will be a lot of heads!
    Papers, MEH.

  2. hope the pains go away… sometimes i think it’s the computer work that causes the pain

  3. Yes, it used to be gardening that made my hand ache now it is the computer. Another beautiful head what a gift you have for capturing human features. Tapping, I hadn’t heard that on wet clay, I might have to give it a try.

  4. Yes, I blame the computer. I guess I have to take some of the blame too, since I do not have the computer set up in any kind of ergonomic way. I use a laptop and think, “I will just check this one little thing,” and I sit on the edge of the chair and lean over and . . .
    2 hours later I think, “you should really set this up better next time.”

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