Peacocks and Fog

peacockThere was a peacock walking up the sidewalk! I was driving to the studio along a main arterial road in the residential hills and was shocked to see this guy strutting nonchalantly along. There are rows of houses on each side of the very busy street. I pulled over, hoping that it didn’t strut into oncoming traffic at least before I took the picture. I took a couple more before I drove off wondering why and how it got there and still hoping that it would have at least a slightly longer lifetime but not holding out much hope for it.

But while the car was stopped, took a couple of pictures looking out the other direction and got this picture of the fog coming over San Francisco.

sffog1This is a familiar sight, especially at this time of year as the inland areas heat up and the fog gets sucked in from the ocean to replace that hot air that has expanded and risen. The fog moves onto land in the evening and usually retreats back out to sea the next morning or at least the next afternoon. Sometimes it hangs out right over the land all day long – actually for days long.

I threw some bowls but the clay was really too hard. I will have to pay more attention to the condition of the clay before I start. But I had a good talk with Chris about how to keep the studio running more smoothly. By the time I drove home at about 10:30 I was plowing slowly through fluffy clouds.

Oh, and while I was there, I found out that the peacock that I was so worried about has lived in the area for several years and is apparently pretty car savvy. I guess it has more to fear from some neighbors who are not so happy about the unlovely ear- wrenching noise it can make.

The fog has retreated this morning, at least in my area of land, and it is a beautiful warm sunny day, and I am off to count some more tests, but only for a few hours.


4 responses to “Peacocks and Fog

  1. peacock just…wandering around? neato!

  2. they are beautiful, but their voice does not match their beauty for sure.

  3. amazing… i had a friend that woke up one day and there were two peacocks in her back yard

  4. help – help – help is what the peacock seems to call –
    what a perfect sighting–

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