New relative

This was a great weekend. One of the highlights is that I got a call at 9 am Friday from my son and my NEW daughter-in-law in Japan. It was 1 am there and they had been waiting up to call me to say that they were officially married. There was no ceremony, just a lot a papers to sign at various places, the last place being the American Embassy. We will go to Tokyo in early August to celebrate with Junko’s family and friends.


The flowerpot is one of my first thrown pots. The other one has a foot thrown onto a slab bowl. Both of these are wearing the new clear glaze which has a beautiful smooth gloss but it changes the color of some of my favorite underglazes. The evergreen color which looked so good under the old glaze (that pitted), loses all color under this glaze. That’s disappointing, but that light blue and orange still sing and the emerald green looks almost as good.

I have another stack of bowls waiting upstairs to be painted. I have never liked glazing because I am not so good at planning ahead and keeping the fired glaze color in my mind, but painting with underglaze allows me to design and balance color as I go. It’s a process I love and I may have said this before – more than once? – but I guess I just have to say it again.

I do the underglazing at home instead of the studio and I get to have whatever music I want at whatever sound level I want and also lots of breaks for snacks and Scrabble.

I was invited to an on-line Scrabble game a few months ago by a claymate. I am just OK at the face to face game because I get anxious about having people waiting for me and I lose concentration. With the on-line game, I can take as long as I want and use a dictionary before playing a word. It does change the game to being more about strategies with the word and letter scores, and less about knowing cool words without a dictionary. But you never have to look for someone to play a game with and you get to use all those weird 2 and 3 letter words without having to memorize them. Aa, oe, mm – not in my Webster’s but all legal in the OSPD4.


4 responses to “New relative

  1. Congratulations to your son. What a fun trip to go to Japan. I like the way you paint your slip over the lip and continue the designs. Did the dark green turn black or is it completely gone? I like how they both turned out even if the dark green is gone.

    • I am really starting to look forward to Japan. I’m glad you noticed the continuation of the design from top to bottom. I wondered if that “read” correctly in the picture. Actually, I didn’t use any of the dark green on these and couldn’t post the one that lost it’s color because its kind of pukey brown and I don’t like looking at it!

  2. Congratulations on your new daughter -in-law!
    We will getting one on Sunday- but no trip to Japan- hummm– I’ll have to work that one.

    I know what you mean about background music.
    Mark and I have different taste and when he is in the studio alone he loves to listen to Outlaw Country- where did that come from?
    Good luck with the new glaze.

    • Thank you. I would like to have had a real wedding to go to or be part of, but c’est la vie, it’s not what they wanted. I am inspired by your wedding tiles to make some commemorative piece for them.
      Outlaw country? hmm, I’ll have to try that.
      Have an absolutely wonderful, happy day Sunday!

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