Resolutions revisited

A paper fell out of my calender this morning that said:

Be more careful.

Stay on one theme.


I was blank for a moment and then – “my New Year’s resolutions!” Back in December, I resurrected the New Year’s Resolution idea for myself as a way to correct my serious flaw of excitement – so many things to try in clay. My focus was everywhere and I didn’t stay with one thing long enough to work out the problems.

At the time I thought I was dealing with 2 different things – not being careful enough and flitting. Now I see one flows into the other. Repetition allows you to correct and improve and shows you at what stage it is particularly important to be careful.

I have stayed with the theme of the heads project (even though I am behind my schedule, and have a couple of other themes going) and I have been trying to be more careful to finish bowls so they look as good on the bottom as on the top.


A small handbuilt bowl with a sprig inside the foot.

bowlbottomI am just learning to trim because I am a throwing beginner, so maybe if I make the bottom with lots of color and design, any trimming flaws will be less apparent.

I read, in some brilliant blog I think, about always having some small surprise at the bottom. Wish I could remember who to credit for that sage advice. I hear that “voice” whenever I turn a piece over. I am thinking about other ways to leave a “surprise”. Stamps? Drawings? Different sprigs? Words of Wisdom? Stock tips?

Ok, it is getting really late, but as I look over this posting I am noticing that the picture of the bowl with 3 orange circles looks like a bug-eyed face with a furry nose. It’s funny how once you notice something like that you can’t see it any other way. Do you see it?


6 responses to “Resolutions revisited

  1. In the last 2 weeks I have started putting a little doodle on the bottom inside of mu cups (shark on the handle, shark doodle inside too!).
    I think Ron Philbeck mentioned the drawing under the foot, and Jim Gottuso signs his work with a rather amazing design under there.
    Yours is wicked cute!

  2. i like the blue criss-crossey things… did you do that freehand?

  3. I can really take a lesson from you on staying on one theme and being careful. I too have been trying to make the undersides of pieces just as nice as the top with a little surprise for the person picking up the piece, paying attention to the details. I think paying attention to the details is also another way of saying that is handmade with care and not made by machine in a factory.

    I just love your glazing technique – the bowls looke like a water color painting, so beautiful, now that you mention it I do see the bug eyes and furry nose.

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