Cool Studio

Usually it’s a little hard sometimes to go to the studio on a beautiful, sunny day because it is kind of a dark place with not enough windows, but it was the perfect place to hide out from the heat today. I tried to work in the garden, but by 10am it was too hot. The studio was as cool as I thought it would be and I sat down and started making bowls.

wetbowlsI made these three right off the bat – er, on the bat, and then I forgot how to center I guess, because the next couple got themselves wedged back up into balls of clay to try again.

There was a big birthday party/barbecue going on in the park next to the studio, and a kid’s ball game up on the hill above. There was lots of happy noise right outside the door where kids were playing in the shade of the building’s overhang and when I was leaving, I had to step over piles of candy and bubblegum from the pinata. Bubblegum smells like good memories. After I drove away I wished I had asked for a piece to keep in my car. I could hang it from the mirror like an air freshener.

I came home and watched some more You tube to see what I was doing wrong and got enticed by the thought of a Bison trimming tool. I think my throwing would be much improved if I had a Bison trimming tool Doesn’t that make sense?

benchThis bench with the nasturtium and cilantro flowers shows the overgrown state of my garden. I have been waiting for the winter vegetables to go to seed because I like to use my own seeds, but the waiting is cutting into the new seedlings time.


4 responses to “Cool Studio

  1. When I was in grammar school we lived in Vallejo and I remember we had nasturtiums and I just love them. I think they need cooler weather than we have here. Your bowls look so smooth and beautiful, what clay are using?

  2. Those look pretty good to me! I love the idea of bubblegum air freshner and just the fact that you thought of it! When you said a Bison pot trimmer I of course couldn’t help but picture a bison standing next to the potters wheel who would tip his head down and use his horn to remove the pot upon request. Reminds me of the Flintstones for some reason.

  3. i’m with you… it’s been dreamy outside and it’s hard to stay in the studio

  4. I could sit on that bench and take in your garden and get nothing done— sounds like a perfect day for me- I love , as we like to call them here. nasty-urg-ums…. I just planted some and some moon flower.

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