Finished Book

bookdoneI finally finished this book from the Steven Allen workshop. He said the stain used for the screened image (all of the black parts) would be easily smeared even after the bisque, so the glaze would have to be sprayed on, which is a problem for me, not having a spray booth. I also wanted some color on the image and was nervous about smearing the black if the underglaze touched it, so the “book” sat a few weeks till I got tired of being cautious.

I painted on the underglaze very tentatively trying not to touch any black, till I inevitably slipped and saw that the black stain really didn’t smear that easily, even when wet so I painted right over the stain without any blurring.

I was still worried about putting on the glaze, though, so I used my little metal atomizer to spray enough clear glaze onto the printed surface to cover it and touched up with a paintbrush.


I am amazed at how well this gadget works. It’s really messy though. I should have made a cardboard box “booth” and sprayed into that. Next time.


5 responses to “Finished Book

  1. Wow, that is unbelievably beautiful, such detail in the painting of the bird, branch and leaves. I have used under glazes before and once they were fired or dry they didn’t smear – they seemed to harden like the clay, perhaps the technique you are using is different? I’ll have to check the link. I remember your writing about Steven Allen’s workshop before but it was over my head at the time, now I am curious about it again. If I am understanding correctly, do you stain the outline of the drawing, then bisque and then put underglaze on and then the transparent over that and fire again?

  2. looks great… glad you figured out it wouldn’t smear before you got done… sounds like it would have been very tedious

  3. Natalie Thiele

    Gorgeous book! Beautiful job!
    The spraying gadget looks intriguing.

  4. Where did you get your metal atomizer? Thanks

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