A Little Goes A Long Way


Just to show how much can be put into 36 square feet and still have a spot to stand and a chair to sit on. I have a space to underglaze the pots and a table to handbuild when I don’t feel like driving to the studio. AND all the spiders are gone! (I shouldn’t say all. I read that you are never more than 10 feet away from a spider wherever you are. ) At least all the spiders that could be seen are gone from the inside.

Now that I know that the beautiful black spider that I became so fond of for its intensely protective maternal ways was a Black Widow getting ready to present me with about 500 of its babies, my attitude has become less laissez-faire and more authoritarian. Me in, spiders out.

b The little dipping bowls that I made while standing in one spot are drying bottoms up.

I ran into a chalk and chocolate festival in my neighborhood the other day. I forgot it was happening, till we walked up to get a late lunch at The Juice Collective, my favorite sandwich shop, and heard the capoeira drumming. This festival started about 3 years ago and is getting a little better attended each year.

choc This one might be my favorite, even though he is just getting started. The kids are wishing for a chocolate bar that size.

choc2 These drawings are fun, but I’d love to see these guys in action: http://www.impactlab.com/2006/03/09/amazing-3d-sidewalk-art-photo

Unfortunately, they were out of roasted red pepper and feta cheese sandwiches, but I made up for my disappointment by sampling chocolate – lots of different kinds of chocolate. And I’m sure I went home healthier with all those flavinoids and antioxidants. I sure felt happier.


7 responses to “A Little Goes A Long Way

  1. WOW! those are great thanks for sharing-amazing!
    I am also amazed at how a potter will make themselves a place to work. I have visited potters who work in mega spaces and ones which work on side porches or a corner in their house. Some of the ones with the least space were creating the best work! Just goes to show that in the world of pots some people, “just have to!”
    enjoy having your kid home and the black widow gone!

  2. nice little bowls… i’d seen some of those sidewalk things before but not all and some are really amazing

  3. What a wonderful use of space for a pottery studio. I may steal some of your ideas on placement of wheel and workspace for my new potting shed.

    I love the dog chalk drawing!

  5. Wow, those chalk drawings are great. Chocolate – I’d surely go if I lived near. There used to be a place in Berkeley which had the best truffles, but I can’t remember the name of it, your post reminded me of it and I am drooling for one right now. Oh, maybe it was Just Desserts? Can’t wait to see how you glaze your dipping bowls.

  6. Remember my little potting studio on Delaware Street? I still feel guilty for moving out and leaving all the clay splat on the wall. How ironic our landlady’s name was Mrs. Clay! After reading your post about spiders and their good side I now try to rescue them and send them outside instead of letting the kitties amuse themselves by playing with them. Fiona has become less enthusiastic about playing with spiders after eating one that made her throw it back up.

  7. Those little dipping saucers are terrific though I can’t stand to put anything in mine and cover the delightful yellow and blue glaze. Thank you for gifting me AND for being such a fine potter.

    As for spiders, hmmmm….

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