Whole lotta shakin’

Where to run when the ground starts shaking.

Where to run when the ground starts shaking.

Just as I sat down to the computer, I heard a rumbling, the dog tumbling down the stairs, and then the house started to shake. I was a little slow to react since it’s been awhile since we have had a daytime earthquake, but then Gertigirl and I dashed into the living room where we felt much safer. Well, I did. Gerti had no idea what was going on. She just wanted to be with me.

My little house has 2 parts, built more than a century apart. The old part which was built as a temporary shelter in 1900 while the big house on the property was being built, has 7’4″ ceilings and was not built to last, but it has, although there is a definite lean to the north. When we decided to live here a few years ago, we reconfigured the old part slightly and added a new kitchen and living room. Building codes required us to use specially engineered earthquake panels in the new areas. The contractor felt that it was over-engineered for such a small space and the joke was that everyone would run to our living room in a earthquake.

Well, no one else was here but me and Gerti, but we sure got there fast. Now I hear the neighbors in back out talking about earthquakes and where they were when the last big one hit back in ’89. Yep, makes everyone a little on edge. We don’t worry about killer cold, snow, hurricanes or tornadoes, but there is that tectonic shift issue.


6 responses to “Whole lotta shakin’

  1. Oh yeah! That was a creepy one since it was centered within a stone’s throw of my house. My little cottage made a big Kerblam! sound and went Whomp! and I jumped up and stood in the doorway. Fiona spent the next hour under the bed. Busby was sleeping in my closet so he stayed where he was. The scary thing is that it was only a 3.2.

  2. I was at my Aunt Helen’s in San Bernardino during the 1971 San Fernando quake and it was at 6 am and the bed started rolling around (it was a roll away bed) and I thought it was the end of the world, it went on for quite some time. It was different than other quakes since it felt like the earth was rolling. The freeway overpass fell and the several hospitals collapsed killing many. Definitely scary. I think it was a 6.6 magnitude.

  3. the price for living in paradise?????

  4. I hope it was just a burb and there is not another to follow.
    Plus when we come to see you we need CA. to still be there!

  5. Felt like it was centered under my apartment south of campus.

  6. wow… i had no idea, sounds scary

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