VioletViolet and her mom came by today to visit and shop for presents. One of the pieces her mom bought was a bird ocarina and Violet gave us a little concert before I wrapped it up. It’s hard for a 3 year old to get her fingers on all the holes, but she can make sound come out, and that’s a start. I haven’t seen Violet for a few months. So much changes so quickly at 3 – but she still likes pink. Purple, she says, is her mom’s favorite color. The last time she was here, she showed me all her ballet moves and the names for each of them and instructed me on how to do them correctly. I just tried to stay upright with my toes pointing in opposite directions.

I got to make clay pancakes with Violet while her mom was looking at pottery. I have to say that her pancake always had more yummy things in it than mine. I think my imagination needs a tune-up.


This plate went home with them because Violet’s dad rides his bike over the Marin county hills that look like this. I have been meaning to do more of these plates. I like the shape, but on the bottom, the round foot is a little like the shadow of a foot. I would like it to be more substantial but still small enough so it doesn’t interfere with the picture on the bottom – same hill silhouette but with just a lone tree.

While I was writing the above paragraph, I kept looking at the word foot, thinking it was spelled wrong. How could any word spelled like that have meaning? I both knew it was spelled correctly and knew that it just looked wrong, wrong, wrong, Has that ever happened to you? Once, long ago, in college (with brain cells still fairly fresh) and new to cooking on my own, I searched for chicken recipes in a big cookbook. After reading each and every one of them I was sure that the word ‘chicken’ was spelled wrong in the book and wondered how they could have published a cookbook with the word ‘chicken’ spelled incorrectly. By now, I know it is a devious trick my brain plays on me occasionally and if I just close my eyes for a minute, foot will look like foot went I open them.


3 responses to “Tweet

  1. What a beautiful ocarina and a pretty girl with a pretty name to play it. I like how you have illustrated the hill. I am finding that feet are not as easy to make as they seem. Every time I think I have a good foot, after I fire it I wish I had constructed it a different way. I really need to start looking at more feet to see if I can learn something.

  2. The “that word can’t be right” phenomenon happens to me every so often. It is a very strange feeling. Once I also had it happen that I could not pronounce the word “photography” correctly. I knew I wasn’t saying it right, but for the life of me I could not come up with the correct pronunciation. The brain works in mysterious ways sometimes!

  3. violet is a cutie and it doesn’t get much better than 3 year olds, of course 1,2 and 4 are good too and who knows maybe 5,6, and 7…

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