Color feast


The front door to Keeyla's studio.

I went to Keeyla Meadows‘ garden and art open house the other day. Keeyla is an artist and landscaper. I have seen pictures and small examples of her work for years. She has written books and articles and her style has been imitated widely, but I wasn’t sure what to expect when going to her house, studio, and garden in an unassuming part of town.


The back entrance to her studio.

Her specialty is the color palette of plants and their surroundings and the colors in each area of the garden are reflected and balanced – art and building color dance perfectly  with the plants growing there. The attention to detail is  incredible as you can see in the picture above of the back or side door of her studio.  She has another smaller clay studio.


This pot looks small but it is about 30 inches tall.


Passage from the side to the back part of the garden.

It sounds like she has a lot of space, and it feels like it because of all the paths and elevation changes, nooks and crannies, and plant, ceramic and metal visual feasts, but really it is just an average to small urban lot – with no fewer than 4 large water features.

A corner of her studio with pots.

A corner of her studio with pots


This is a metal sculpture- with hanging lights and a fountain at the bottom.


Detail of a large pot tucked in with the nasturtiums.

I’m going out and water my wilting roses now.


7 responses to “Color feast

  1. I’ve seen her landscape vignettes at the SF Flower and Garden Show for years, but have never been to her gardens, thanks for the tour. I love her use of bright colors and garden ornamentation.

  2. color is right and lots of nice spots to take in the color.
    I love the use of color and wish I was brave enough to paint with bold in mind!
    Very nice!

  3. I’m so glad you went and took photos. I’d meant to go the past two months she held open gardens but got bogged down in one thing. I love her work and her colors.

  4. beautiful spaces, looks like it would be fun to live there

  5. Ciao,only a few days we have a blog of pottery. I live in Turin and my name is Filippo Di Giovanni. With a friend Raffaella, three years ago we have opened a studio were we work with ceramica.We have not yet shown around our creations.
    I would be pleased your comments on our works. thanks
    I have a balcony garden in Italy if you want to see it trying ORTOCASA in Turin .

  6. thank Barbara for your visit, the pictures of Mao you’ve seen is just a small part of the permanent collection, are all over 1400 works. If one day you come to Turin will be a pleasure for me to accompany you to visit the museum. I have to decide as soon as possible and find the time to photograph our ceramics. Hello

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