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Looking a little like he has risen ecstatically from the sunless underground, this guy can’t help but make me smile with his wild hair. I didn’t think the rutile would stay orange through the glaze firing but I’m glad it did.

The texture on the “collar” is intriguing to me although I am not sure exactly what to use it for. The clay is kind of brittle and flaky, I guess from the sodium silicate. Maybe finding a cool technique and then searching for a reason or a place to use it is backwards, but I just know could be a useful thing to know how to do – for something someday.

I went to the studio today with a long list of things I wanted to get done. I am the “one-in-charge” on Fridays, but usually there are the same few experienced people there who need little help from me so I’m free to do my own work. I guess because it’s summer, there were 5 new people today, 2 of them ready to start pretty ambitious projects that needed much discussion. The new people are all congenial and easy-going which is worth a lot.

Between talking and demonstrations and loading a kiln, my “to do” list is still as long as it was this morning. Oh, wait, I did have time to trim a couple of pots. Scratch 1 item.

When I came home the partner was raving about a movie he had just seen called Food, Inc. He rarely raves. He said it was done really well, not just gross pictures of meat packing companies, but a view of the entire corporate food industry. It will be interesting to see what Monsanto will counter with.

On a happier (but possibly food related note) Gerti is so happy that Tate is living with us for the summer. Can you see the look in her eye? She is fantasizing the glorious chase she would have if she could just get that bunny outside with no humans around . . .



5 responses to “Full List

  1. I love his eye color!

  2. Ha, I was just going to say the same thing as Meredith and I looked up and saw her comment. His eyes are definitely realistic. For some reason I think of rutile as tan, but what do I know. Does he have a glaze on his face? You really excel at faces, I am so impressed. That collar glaze is something to remember, a blue lichen – very nice.

  3. I am enamored of the texture on the shirt on your figure, too. What did you use to get the very realistic looking fabric texture?

    Love the bunny. My little human is wanting one, too…don’t know how much longer I can put him off even if it means I wait to get my pygmy goats!

  4. He looks like a surfer dude from San Diego. I’d been trying to remember “rutile” for the past couple weeks (why?) and I was so happy to see it here and be able to stop trying to remember it. Gertie has the same look on her face my kitties get with the birds outside the window.

  5. i like the way the hair turned out… i remember it from the shot of it unfired (i think it was this one), fired up about that movie too and looking forward to it… i take my vindication wherever i can get it

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