I wannan electric car

carThis is the one I want. Isn’t it cute? Just room enough for me and my dog and a little space in back for some stuff – groceries, clay, pots, . . . . When the rest of the family is with me, uh, I guess we take the station wagon.

I have been seeing more and more of this model around town this summer in various bright colors and that cool little stripe. The last time I really looked into an electric car, it was the boxy Zenn which had a top speed of 25 mph – which is almost fast enough for city driving – but not quite. I think that this yellow cutie is a Think car which is supposed to be able to go 62 mph with a range of over 100 miles on a charge.

3I first started seeing this golf cartish style around town about 9 years ago. It goes about 25 mph for 30 miles. You can see this one has been used for a long time. It has tent-like plastic “doors” – kind of a fair weather vehicle.

4 Here are a couple others I passed by yesterday on a walk. The white one is at the electric car dealer’s. Last time I stopped in, they were selling a different type. Today I noticed this WheeGo car and a very strange 3 wheeled dealie that holds 1 person.


So why don’t I just get one? Well, besides the obvious money issues and the fact I already have a car that, although old, still gets me around town, I don’t have a garage, or a driveway. Meaning, no place to plug in! I park on the often crowded street and not always right in front of my house. While I am quite good at parallel parking, I can’t figure out any way to consistently plug in an electric car at the curb. But I still want one.

Below are some more little bowls. Playing with color and decoration to see what might work and what doesn’t – like the blue oval. I liked it before it was fired but the color balance isn’t right – the blue is too intense. The ladder and hoop is from a picture my daughter took on one of her excursions to photograph grafitti and “stuff” near the railroad tracks.


fired For some family based market research, I – at different times – asked daughter and husband to rate these from favorite to least favorite. They were in the exactly opposite order. Daughter’s favorite was the green and white with ladderish design and husband’s favorite was the leaf pattern at the bottom. I like the vaguely heart shaped circle one in the middle.


9 responses to “I wannan electric car

  1. I’ll take them all!
    Love the colors-
    I am with hubby and love the leaf pattern but that is where you tug at my heart I love trees, flowers, leaves and vines.
    Then there is that big old fat cup of Joe- I like that too!
    And the one daughter picked- nice calm and simple yet a ladder to to take you to places unknown.
    The cars- cute! Wish away!

  2. These are really wonderful bowls, I like the leaf, the orange dot with swirl, then the ladder. Electric car – no thanks, not for me.

  3. Meridith and Linda, thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it. I am going to use that leaf pattern on some larger bowls.

  4. I re-looked at your bowls, I like the radiating dots you have used from smaller to larger on several of the bowls. I also really like the coffee cup bowl but before the glaze – with the fired one it is harder to see the perspective, perhaps if the cup was a lighter color in contrast to the bottom color, I also like the swirls in the coffee – it looks very realistic.

  5. I’m with daughter and the ladder design. Reminds me of Georgia Okeefe and Mary Poppins.

  6. i like the light one with the ladder and the ring around the rungs of the ladder best and next the green and white one with the ladder and the two circles with x’s through them.

  7. Hi Barbara – Am new to your blog. Saw your post about 3 Cups of Tea on Meredith’s blog and followed you here. Love the whimsy in your work! Where abouts are you located?

  8. I like the teacup design.

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