Curbside Recycling


I passed this chair on my walk this morning and on my way back I saw that the free-newspaper delivery guy had provided reading for anyone who wanted to stop and take a load off. A footstool would be nice. And maybe some snacks. . . .

This is a community with a large and transient student population where it rarely rains between April and November, and many who find themselves with an extra chair, couch, microwave or who have just reorganized or downsized their bookshelves or toolbox and don’t have enough to warrant calling the Salvation Army for a pick-up, offer up the item to the streets for personal recycling. It won’t get ruined by rain and will usually find a good home quickly.

The residents of some streets closer to the university, having been inundated with recyclables closer akin to trash from departing students are not as happy with this practice but in most parts of town, it is looked upon as benign. When someone on our block put out some art books and this framed Beatles poster, I brought home the poster because my daughter is always looking for picture frames for her photographs.


She was happy with the frame but even happier with the picture in it. Husband was curious about this Beatles poster he had never seen and has been searching for information about it to no avail. Anyone ever seen this before? And what do you think the story is under the table??

vineplate vpbottom

And on the recycling theme, I successfully recycled this pattern from one on my little bowls onto this serving dish. Some of the patterns from the small bowls got lost in translation and will either never be used again or remain diminutive.


6 responses to “Curbside Recycling

  1. what a lovely post… like your recycled theme and pattern…can’t quite see under the table on the poster but is there a squash?

  2. let’s try this again- I get to recycle my words .
    Let’s see- I like the plate! Love the color and the way the pattern follows the plate around.
    Love the poster and would like to know more about it.
    We filled our first apartment from street finds.

  3. I love the design and the colors you used. I’ve been rebuilding my website from scratch and those are almost exactly the same colors I’m using. (Can something be almost and exactly?) I love those street finds too! That looks like a nice chair. Is it still there?

  4. cute little bowls, i’m always amazed by what gets thrown out… we have “big trash” day 4 times yearly and when i was younger we would cruise the alley looking for stuff we could use.

  5. Your plate is lovely. Inspiration can be found almost anywhere; there’s no shortage of ideas.

  6. Is there a way to sign up to “follow” your blog.

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