Where ya been?

Oh yeah! I mean where have I been? A series of unfortunate and fortunate events . . .

Unfortunate? Suffice it to say that the circa 1900 part of my house has now been stripped of a portion of charm, but also of the nasty mold that we finally discovered was hiding under 2 inches of concrete in the bathroom, leaking mycotoxins into the house and making me feel pretty darn awful as I am really allergic to mold. The bathroom was gutted and fogged with Tea Tree Oil!

Fortunate? A truly wonderful trip to Japan with my daughters to see my son and his new wife. We ate delicious, artfully presented food, tray

saw serene gardens, park

a baseball game in the Tokyo Dome, game

rode the amazing subways and bullet train, went to my daughter-in-law’s parent’s home for an incredible dinner, walked for miles and miles in Tokyo and Kyoto,fox

stayed in a really lovely ryokan (traditional inn) and visited Nara for the Festival of the Lights and were followed in the park by tame deer begging for food like big brown Labs with fuzzy antlers.deer

I could go on and on but to top it off, I can’t say enough great things about my new daughter-in-law, and how carefully Eli and Junko planned the trip so we all got to do the things we were interested in doing.

Now the bathroom remodel is still going on, and the price tag is mounting. Amazing how much work there is to do in an eight by 5 foot room.

Finally, though, I am back to throwing some pots and trying to figure out why my new batch of glaze is getting pinholes when the last batch was so great. It’s a little frustrating because I am preparing for the Ceramic Art Show and Sale at Leslie Ceramics on December 4th. Judging from how many good ceramic artists were at the planning meeting, it promises to be a pretty wonderful event.

treepot(I’m cringing at the glare, but my photo set-up is not set up because of the re-construction.)

Somehow December 4th sounds like a long time in the future. My calendar got a little bit stuck back in August and I’m having trouble moving on into Autumn. I have been helped with that charade because it is about 72 degrees out today and, except for that oblique quality that the Fall light has, it could still be summer.


4 responses to “Where ya been?

  1. welcome back, too bad about the mold but it’s good that it’s been dealt with. i’m so envious of your trip to japan and since you have a family relation you will be able to have more right?

  2. what a great summer- the trip not the mold!
    I was just thinking and wondering if you were coming back soon.
    Good to read you!

  3. Yay! So glad you’re back! Love the pic of the deer and the dears.

  4. Thanks for the welcomes back!

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