old style


Our trip to Kyoto was planned for the day of the Great Pottery Sale with stalls that line both sides of the street for 5 or 6 blocks. It was softly raining in the morning and the subdued light and wispy fog was gorgeous. The rain brought at least a slight decrease in temperature which was a relief, but as we walked the few blocks to the sale, it started to pour and stayed that way for most of the rest of the day. While everyone else dried off in the Camel Cafe, drinking foamy coffee and eating pointy toast triangles, I slogged up and down the street. Hardly anyone was out except the potters huddled under clear tarps, pouring the puddles out of their bowls.

Only one side of the street had handmade wares and some of it was beautifully done, but nothing very different or beautiful and I wasn’t very inspired until I saw this piece. I have to admit to knowing nothing about Japanese pottery, but I kept coming back to look at this. Keiko, the potter, told me it was “old style, fired many times”.

After all the work they went to to make sure we were in the right place and time for the pottery festival, I think my daughter-in-law expected that I would buy a lot more than one little cup, but the looking was what I wanted and the little cup is a bonus.


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  1. sorry, I keep going EWW about the mold…glad its gone!

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