I’m not feeling too inspired with new designs lately, but I’m getting tired of the old ones, so while making random marks on scrap paper (ok, doodling while talking on the phone), I was reminded of a big platter I did a couple years ago. As you can see, it doesn’t get used for plattering food, but I like to look at it up on this high cabinet with the redwood tree behind it.


I tried the design out on one of the little dipping bowls and was happy to see how little time it took to make. I like it well enough although I may try for a little more of a horizon line or color change at the bottom. What do you think?


The bitty bowl is only about 4 inches across. I make lots of them and sometimes I use them to try out new patterns and colors. This one literally took 3 or 4 flicks of a brush to make each bird, so hopefully other people like it as much as I do. Some of the designs on the little bowls are pretty time consuming.

Most of the time when I am on the phone, I am also walking around doing some mindless chore – phone crunched between my shoulder and ear – but the other day I was sitting in my car listening to a friend vent about her terrible day and I didn’t have the headset for my cellphone, so I didn’t want to drive, but I did have a pencil and some junk mail envelopes to occupy my right hand. This is the only good thing that came out of those doodles. Maybe I should get in my car and call someone.


5 responses to “Doodlebirds

  1. love the birds!
    I love to doodle as well and I hate the new phones- it makes it hard to craddle and doodle.
    Happy to see you back and potting.

  2. omigosh, that is just BRILLIANT, beautiful birds!

  3. Love that bird platter!

  4. that’s a beautiful little bird plate… love the sprinkle of red

  5. hella darling little bird plates came home with me from your excellent Christmas sale.

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