Walking everywhere now

Walked out my gate this Monday morning on my way to the studio, arms full of stuff and looked across the street to where I had parked my car on Saturday night and it wasn’t there. I couldn’t quite believe it and thought maybe I had just forgotten where I had parked it, so I walked up and down the block a couple of times scratching my head, just to make sure I hadn’t missed it. There weren’t that many cars on the street, so I had to face the fact that it was just gone.

I called Joan who said she would go up and put a sign on the studio door saying class was canceled, asked some neighbors if they had seen anything, and then I went out to pull weeds till the nice officer came to take the police report.

My car is old. The back seat is full of boxes of glazes and other ceramics junk. It doesn’t even have a radio, just a hole in the console where the last CD player was ripped out and I decided not to replace it again. It has high mileage and the gas tank was almost empty. The only thing good about it is that the tires are new.

I knew that Honda Accords are the most stolen cars in the country because of their lack of anti-theft devices but I didn’t know that the older ones were the most targeted. (My 1994 was the most stolen car last year.)

I hate to disappoint the other people who are coming to the studio today, and I was also going to load a kiln for a teacher of the kid’s class who needs them soon, but what could I do?

This car was also stolen a few years ago. It was found a couple weeks later, with minimal damage, and an empty trunk except for one pink ballet slipper. This led to many speculative stories, but we preferred the one about the ballerina with a checkered past who was late for a performance . . .

Update: 3 “suspects” were just arrested driving my car about 25 miles from here.  “It’s not wrecked or nothing” the lady at the police station told me. A cop heard the call about the car and looked up and noticed my  license plate.  Now I just have to wait till tomorrow and go to that town and pay the tow yard a bunch of money to get my car.  Too bad there were 3 of them. Which means at least one was in the back seat, which means they probably dumped all the good stuff in the back seat, including all the records for the pottery class.


5 responses to “Walking everywhere now

  1. Darn!
    Nothing like a little blip to get things going on a Monday.
    I hope they find the car!

  2. It really sucks that some people make the rest of us deal with this sort of stuff. But, I’m so glad to hear that they found the car! I hope that not too much is damaged or missing.

  3. Boo! The car was stolen. Yay! The prodigal car returns again. Boo for having to pay towing charges! Hooray for a good cop who was paying attention!

    It’s funny that your previous post ended with “Maybe I should go sit in my car and call someone.” And the next post was no car to sit in.

  4. I am sorry to admit that I laughed a bit when I read the part where you confessed to walking up and down the block looking for the car, thinking you’d misplaced it. It sounds just like something I’d do. It’s cold enough I always start my car early in the morning to let it warm up – she’s an old girl and needs time to get going or she won’t move – and always leave it unlocked instead of looking for the spare key I lost years ago. Your post is a good reminder that I shouldn’t do that, even though yours wasn’t running at the time. So sorry about the hassle, happy to hear it was found.

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