Free-er than before

I was actually pretty happy to see how this serving plate came out. After the events of the last couple days I didn’t know if bad luck was going to continue to follow me.

So you may have read in my last posting that my car was stolen but recovered later the same day, not wrecked or stripped. I was feeling pretty good about not having to go out and buy another car, but the next day at the tow yard or whatever you call the place that holds your car in a garage until you pay them lots of money (2 days storage fees for holding it from 5pm to 9am??), I got mad. All the tools and ceramics materials were gone and the seats were littered with other people’s crap, and the upholstery was torn and gouged. All of the books, and papers in the console were gone including all the checks and records from my class, and in their place were some obvious burglary tools and the only thing they had kept from the clay box I keep in the car – the wire clay cutter. Hmm, wonder why they kept that? Hope it’s not because it looks like something from the Sopranos

I took the car to one of those car washes where they clean the outside and the inside and a friend gave me a sage bundle to burn in the car, which I fired up to “clear away the negative energy” and with the hope that it would cover the stale cigarette smells from the ashtray full of butts.

It is kind of freeing not to have to worry anymore about remembering to drop off all the clothes in the trunk at the Goodwill, or trying to find the right person to give the beautiful, old engraving block and tools to, or taking the time to go to the electronics recycling place and get rid of an old VCR and dead DVD player.

The up side of my car being stolen: No more junk in my trunk?


3 responses to “Free-er than before

  1. Good for you for finding some positive in a very negative experience. Boo to the tow and storage fees, though – that’s like being robbed TWICE!

  2. life sure does have a way of having the ups and downs does it not?
    Glad you have your car back and gald they took off some of the junk for you!
    I hope they don’t come back around!

  3. I love this plate! The pattern and colors are scrumptious!

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