Apple Wars

For the past few days I have been trying to ignore the squirrel wars going on in the apple tree, which means the apples are ripe and if I want any, I better get out there and pick them or the squirrels will take exactly one bite out of each one before they hurl them to the ground.

Right before dusk (at what, 4:30?) I picked these baskets full which is about a quarter of the apples on the tree. The tree is only about 9 feet tall, but as you can see, wildly prolific so I could afford to share with the squirrels, but it’s hard to be kind to such wasteful critters. Not to mention the destruction to the rest of my plants as they dig 4 or 5 holes for each acorn they bury, so I don’t want to encourage them.

Both baskets are from the same tree, but the red ones face the south and the green are on the northern side. It’s a heirloom pippin with thick skin and really crispy meat (apple meat?). They make great pies and keep till spring in a box under the porch.

The little tile on the right has been sitting in my kitchen window for a couple of years. While thinking about new designs for the planters. I noticed it and decided to use it. I have been infatuated by arches (DeChirico) since I was a teenager, although they rarely come out as cutesy as this little chair and flowers. I’ve used the arch theme over the years in many ways.

This one is also from a couple of years ago.

The chair and flowers are without arches on this little planter because, even though I worked for awhile to add them, making arches come out just right on a round pot is hard. I always think there must be some simple mathematical calculation to make it all come out evenly, but if there is, I missed that day in math class or maybe I was there and asleep as usual.


5 responses to “Apple Wars

  1. I am kicking things off!
    I sure do love the arches.
    And the plate below!

  2. omigosh, you grew those apples?????????

  3. Those apples look great in the baskets; I love pippins just to eat and they are great in pies. Beautiful tile and flower pot; I love the painterly quality of them and the cutesy-ness somehow makes me think of a French cafe scene. I have a drawing in my journal of an arch sculpture I want to make. I wasn’t sure if it was feasible structurally so I started researching them the other day. It always amazes me how the ancient arches of bricks or blocks stayed up by being placed a certain way to fit into one another. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  4. Beautiful apples, making my mouth water for apple crisp with fresh whipped cream.

  5. looks like you beat the squirrels… here they do the same thing to my tomatoes, one bite and throw to the ground.

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