I was happy to see this when I opened the kiln yesterday. The color on the majolica is pretty clear with just enough white showing through.

These other pieces did pretty well too – a little color fading on the new fish deco, but, now I know that I can’t get the stains too thick and still have the pencil put down enough color to take. There were supposed to be dark Xs on the sides of the fish. (or do you spell that Xes or exes or X’s? I never understand the use of the apostrophe when using numbers or single letters- as in “scratch out all the 2’s and B’s – it just seem weird.)

Sigh. I tried very hard to just let that question hang there, and I swore to myself I would just let it go, but I couldn’t. I had to look up apostrophe use. I guess I am still a schoolteacher somewhere in my heart. Probably no one else really cares and if you don’t, just fast forward to the next paragraph, but if you have the slightest interest, here is the rule:

The plurals for letters and numbers used as nouns are not formed with apostrophes. for example: She consulted with 3 M.D.s. (but use the apostrophe to show possession: She went to 3 M.D.s’ offices.) She learned her ABCs. It was in the 1990s (not the 1990’s). She learned her tables for 6s and 7s. Exception: Use apostrophes with letters or numbers when the meaning would be unclear otherwise. for example: Please dot your i’s. (You don’t mean is.) He couldn’t distinguish between his 6’s and o’s. (You would need to use the apostrophe after the o so it wouldn’t look like os and then you would use it after the 6 for consistency in the sentence.) According to the MLA guidelines, using ‘s after numbers is old-fashioned, illogical and unnecessary. (Hah, yer only as old as your apostrophes.)

Whew, talk about a bird-walk. What I really wanted to say is that I am all ready for the CAB+ Show and Sale tomorrow. Joan will be sharing a space with me. Not that there is much space for anyone. There will be about 12 inches between tables and the aisles are pretty narrow. I guess small spaces feel more intimate and comfortable, so in a large space, people have to be pretty jammed in to feel comfortable. With 48 potters and ceramic artists that’s a pretty good start to a crowd. Here’s one of Joan’s beautiful ceramic “paintings”.

I wonder how this event will go. This is my first pottery show although I did countless shows and fairs when I was a jeweler. I am hoping to get feedback on my work from people who don’t know me, and I know I will, just by watching faces even if there are no direct comments, but I really like it when people tell me what they like and what they don’t and why. I do wish the pots were as easy to transport as the silver was, though.


12 responses to “showtime

  1. Best of luck for the show.
    I have a friend who son’s name is Eck pronouned it sounds like X.
    So we were at a wedding and another friend ask is that Eck’s wife? To which her husband said who’s x-wife. To which she said Eck’s wife.
    Now you know that bythe time it was all said
    and done we were cracking up.
    So your x’s make me think of Eck’s wife.
    Who is not his x-wife at all. They are still married.

  2. PS- I love that plate!

  3. I love those little dishes with the birds on a wire. Are those for sale individually or as a set? Did you have a purpose in mind for how they’d be used? I can’t wait for the show!

  4. majolica looks great! and thank’s for the info on the use’s of apostrophe’s… i was confused before but now it’s much clearer

  5. Your work looks great. What is the difference between majolica and slip work? Is the majolica on top of the slip or glaze? I have so much to learn about pottery. wish I was closer I’d come by the show. Good luck with the sales.

  6. Enjoyed meeting you last night and seeing your wonderful work.
    As a former first grade teacher I taught possessives to 5-6 year olds. They went apostrophe crazy and soon all plurals were adorned with apostrophes as well. Apparently some of them never got over it.
    As far as the X problem goes, I considered exes, but decided that it made the fish all sound like divorcees. Life is so confusing!

  7. is the blog featuring The Smalls.
    The bloggers are Mel Robson and
    Kenji Uranishi.

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