Putting together furniture is not a good ikea

The show Saturday was very crowded for most of the night which was a good thing in more than one way. The biggest surprise was how much heat a crowd of people can put out even in a warehouse with the loading dock doors open. By the end of the night when it thinned out, there were people huddling under the kerosene powered patio heaters, but for most of the night it felt kinda like a garden party with heavy coats on. The food and wine were delicious. There’s nothing wrong with eating walnut bread and brie for dinner.

It was terrific to see so many people turn out for a ceramics only event. I had a great time with all my friends that showed up. Thank you all. I am happy to think of my pots in their homes. In fact, the next day, I blearily went to a book club discussion at the new home of my little bird plates and ate sugared pecans from them.

Today I went to help my daughter build some furniture. Put it together, anyway. She just moved and needed more space for clothes so we went to Ikea – my idea of hell, really, but she went and picked it out and all I needed to do was help her get it out of the warehouse – and loaded up her friend’s Suburban with boxes – heavy boxes- many heavy boxes.

By the time we had unloaded it at her place, even with the help of a couple big friends, I was ready for a nap, but we were on a tight schedule and already behind. While she went out for a job related appointment, I got started on the chest of drawers.

Now I got myself into this by telling her the other day that I liked to put together those furniture kits and that I was good at it. “It’s like a big puzzle,” I said liltingly. And I do like it. Even when the directions are not clear it’s kind of fun to figure out how to get it together.

I haven’t put any Ikea furniture together for a few years, but the last times I did it, I was impressed with how clear the directions were and how good the hardware was. What a difference a few years makes. Today, at about the third step, I was starting to fume. The directions were very clear, it’s just that the pre-drilled holes were not where they were supposed to be – first in one piece and then another and then yet another. I figured out a way with a little extra drilling and nailing, and swearing, to get the parts together, but when we put the drawers in, we found that the front pieces of the top drawers were identical instead of mirror images, so one drawer will not close. (I should have taken pictures.)

Now what? Do we have to take it apart and box it up and return it? Will they replace the bad frontpiece? I hate to think of trying to put together the wardrobe with the glass doors that she bought. I think she should return it all, but there’s no way I’m helping carry those boxes again. I think Ikea should have to come and pick up their badly made crappy furniture if it doesn’t work.


7 responses to “Putting together furniture is not a good ikea

  1. I feel your pain. I’m from Iowa, and I was going to school in Santa Barbara, CA. I felt completely overwhelmed and terrified on my initial Ikea shopping trip. It’s almost like they herd people through the store, the way it’s set up!

  2. I am a huge IKEA fan. Most of my purchases are from the “AS IS” area, so they are already assembled. I did buy the wardrobe you’re talking about and put it together myself. It was pretty straight forward.
    I know what you mean about the clear picutres of predrilled holes that do not match the actual predrilled holes on the pieces. If you keep the receipt IKEA will accept it back. Then I can go buy it in the “AS IS” section.

  3. I have never been to the store but went through a hell story with my son and rooms to go.
    It took us finding the top CEO to get a refund.
    They lied and said he never returned the furnuture.
    We stay clear of those places.
    But your show sounded great.
    I have been part of serveral all pottery shows and you at least know that the people who come are there for pottery.

  4. How nice to see your pots in use, glad you had a great sale. Not sure why everything has to be put together nowadays I guess space and labor savings for factories. Perhaps they can pay us to put stuff together? Ha ! I have yet to go to Ikea as they are a distance from where I live, but I have looked at their stuff online.

  5. sorry i missed your ceramics show, we had a show that night too. i finally found your blog after watching “barbara edwards” the playboy model do her work out???? i really like your blog, your work is so wonderful. hope to see you sometime soon. xoxo, marcy

  6. I know a few Ikea tricks if you ever have to go there again: 1) the best time to go is at dinner time on week nights; 2) the store is set up like the game chutes and ladders — there are actually secret exits all over the place. You just have to ask an employee where the nearest escape…er exit…is. 3) Never buy anything that has to be assembled if you’re me because you will put it together every possible way but the right one. The show was a delight and your work really stood out and looked beautiful (and so did you!)

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