sick of the flu

I have had the flu for the last week and a half. I have read several novels, watched way too many movies and inane tv shows, done half a book of sudoku puzzles, taken handfuls of vitamins, drank tons of tea and chicken soup and it still isn’t gone.

I don’t like to complain, but Really! enough is enough. I don’t get flu shots because I never get the flu. (ahem). I might have to rethink that decision. At least it has been cold and rainy most of the time I have been home.

I ‘m not one of those sweet sick persons. I don’t like to lay around all day but Gerti has been trying to help me with that with her modeling of contentment.

I have been thinking about things I want to do with clay. Nothing kinky.

But before I go off in another direction I have to finish some things like making more little bird bowls for a couple of people who want a set.

This seems like a simple matter. However, these bowls were made by slumping the clay into a condiment bowl from what was probably a set of mid-century, heavy duty cafeteria ware – just the right size and shape. It’s gone. A victim of the thorough trashing of my car when it was stolen. Why was it in the car? I keep asking myself that right along with the question of why they had to throw everything away. Did they think if they did the car would be theirs to keep? Anyway, you also might think it would be easy to replace a little cafeteria condiment bowl. Well, I have been scouring the second hand stores and so far nada. I have tried some others but, without getting too melodramatic, it’s just not the same (she whined).

By the way, Diana, who bought the bird bowl set, left a comment the other day about the “hella darling” bowls, and that combination of words brings a smile to my face each time I think of it.


8 responses to “sick of the flu

  1. I too have had the flu for over a week and read and make a few items in clay and cooughed and coughed. The flu shots only cover one strain so I never bother as I would probably get a different strain. I know it is the small things that matter, what a loss to have some important things for clay tossed out. I once had my car stolen in San francisco and they tossed out my back pack that was welded specially for my back, I was so sad to loose that. some things even small ones do mean a lot. Your cafeteria ware reminds me of what was used in that bar off University near the freeway in Berkeley, is it still there? other side from Spengers – an Irish bar i can’t remember the name. heavy white ceramic dishes. Hope you get well soon.

    • Brennan’s is the Irish Cafeteria and Pub that has been so popular for so many years. It still exists, but its building has been torn down and is being rebuilt into a big complex because the “industrial area’ near the freeway has been turned into a fancy shopping area.

  2. Oh, the flu? Poor thing, feel better!

  3. Oh no! So sorry about the nasty flu! Maybe Diana would be hella darling and loan you one of her bowls to use as a slump mold? Would that work?

    Feel better!

  4. being sick is no fun!
    Get better- and don’t you hate those trashy lots who tossed your stuff.
    BAST!@#$ that they are.
    Keep throwing it out there you are looking. Someone will come up with some of the bowls.
    Get better soon.

  5. sorry to hear you’re not feeling well, i was sick for 4-5 weeks. i wish i could read when i’m sick but for some reason i cannot. get well

  6. Gertie, your sweet dog, is adorable in this picture. Hope you are feeling better…

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