Rolling Over

2010. Had a discussion last night at a dinner party about how to say this new year. Twenty-ten, two thousand and ten, two thousand ten, two-o-one-o, two zero one zero, two-o-ten. I’m peripherally aware that there is a small controversy with some passion on conflicting sides about this issue. Twenty-ten got the most nods in last night’s gathering, but I vote for being able to use any of the above as it suits me. Car commercials are already using different pronunciations. Lexus uses two-thousand-ten and Buick twenty-ten. So, the big question of today (New Year’s Eve) is, do you side with the A Space Odyssey precedent of saying the two thousand, or stay with centuries past – going from nineteen to twenty? Such a problem!

But HAPPY NEW YEAR whatever you call it.

I’m playing with painting low fire majolica on top of layers of dark glaze with white over (ala David Gamble). I like the way the color came up through the white on this first test tile, but the color on top is so broken up that a lot of the image is lost. (Those circles around the eyes were not intentional!) I am going to put on more majolica glazes and refire it and see what happens.

I am trying another one with bigger planes of color and heavier pigment on top and also outlined in glaze pencil. Here is a picture of it before firing.

These are small 3×3 tests so maybe I would get more of what I want with larger pieces. Like underglazes, the majolica glazes can be mixed before applying, but unlike thin layers of underglaze color, or transparent underglazes, these majolica colors don’t do any mixing while firing. In other words what is on top is what you get. Er, unless other color comes up from underneath


5 responses to “Rolling Over

  1. oh yes, keep experimenting there!

  2. Happy New Year and what ever you call it I think we are just happy to be part of it!
    Love the tiles and since I am that person- love the flowers!

  3. happy 2 0 1 0… fun majolica!

  4. love the calla lilly, happy twenty ten

  5. I think I’m going to go with twenty ten. I think it just rolls better, and I don’t have to think about it when I say it. 🙂 Happy New Year!

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