Random sightings

As I was driving back from the studio late this afternoon I kept stopping to look out at the bay and the sky over the Pacific. I love big sky vistas.

I woke up this morning excited about great ideas for using the majolica colors. I couldn’t wait to get to the studio so I could cut some tiles so they could dry and I could get to testing out all those amazing ideas. But on the drive over, I just couldn’t quite remember why I had been so excited.

You know how you wake up sometimes with the elated certainty that you have dreamed up something so profound you can’t wait to share it, and then you try to tell someone and all at once, it doesn’t really sound so profound and maybe it doesn’t really even make all that much sense? I’m afraid my wonderful ideas might have been a dream just sliding into waking thoughts. Or, worse, all the fantastic ideas were real and I had forgotten them all! A nightmare.

I did some other wonderful or necessary things at the studio and then I enjoyed the drive home. It was a beautiful day and I have been feeling terrific after feeling crappily flu-ridden for so long and I was noticing things I hadn’t really noticed for awhile. Like this house that I posted pictures of last March.

When I went by today, I noticed how busy this guy has been. This is all junk that the sign says he finds by beachcombing. I know there is a lot of junk that ends up at the beaches and the bay, but this is amazing. Look at this beetle and caterpillar:

The beetle is made of Bic lighters which are clearly battered, but the caterpillar is from brims of baseball caps and whiffle balls that don’t look like they have spent much time on a beach or being buffeted by waves.

There are signs on a couple of the sculptures and standing close in front of the one below, I thought he must have a friend named Ester Rynne who liked to dance till I stood back from the sculpture and then looked again at the sign and saw that the first letter of each name was written in a red color that had badly faded.

This guy must have some very good neighborly relations. The 2 adjacent houses are sporting more sculptures, too.

I do have some mundane plans for tests on those tiles – cone 5 base glazes under the Spectrum Majolica; using a thinner layer of white, etc., but with luck and maybe more dreams, I really will have some fantastic ideas.


7 responses to “Random sightings

  1. Wow! That photo of the bay is astoundingly good. The ones I took the other day are totally blah (as usual). I love that house and the amazing sculptures!

  2. one man’s junk is another man’s….
    We have a place near here where the guys makes great yard art.
    It is called the art field.
    It might be time for a ride by.
    Love the picture of the bay- sigh…

  3. i love it when people do that, it’s recycling too. i actually have a good friend that does the same thing with the flotsam from the river not the ocean… http://artistatexit0.wordpress.com/

    • Thanks for the link and wow! Love his stuff, especially the drawings in the sand. Goldsworthy, but better for their spontaneousness.
      Also, it strikes a happy chord, having grown up on the banks of the Ohio, a little north of you,

  4. great panoramic photo.

    sometimes I do that too, think at night I have a great idea, then the next morning I say to myself – am I crazy that’s silly – oh well

    what a great use for discarded litter and cleaning up the beach too, how creative

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