Gerti interruptions

Gerti is a very well behaved dog so when she dared to put her feet up on my lap to get my attention away from the computer, it worked. I called Jana who always likes to take a walk with Gerti (and me) and we went down by the bay ~ where the watermelons grow – [sing along, now]. (I have no idea what kind of punctuation to give to a musical aside or the parenthetical explanation that it is a song.)

– to the dog park where the doggies can run free and that’s a big deal in the city. Right off the parking lot we saw these guys

doing just what Gerti would be doing if I let her. Only an absurd amount of yelling over many months broke her of the idea that she could submarine herself in mud repeatedly and then be allowed back into the car for the ride home.

Most dogs go to the dog park to run and play with the other dogs. Gerti goes for the human interaction. She has been called slut puppy more than once for her trick of lying down in right in front of someone walking by and rolling on her back hoping for some belly rubs. Which she usually gets, because she is just so silly looking, but there are those who are immune to her wiles who just step over or around her. She’s doing that maneuver a little less, however, since she passed the 9 year mark.

I followed some advice I got from Linda and a couple other bloggers but I don’t remember who they were, who recommended the Wellness Formula to ward off colds and flu. A friend serendipitously was ordering some a couple of weeks ago asked if I had heard of it and if I wanted her to order some for me. I said yes, and here’s the proof.

It’s sitting on the windowsill along with some other good advice that came my way.


6 responses to “Gerti interruptions

  1. Omigosh your doggy is the cutest 🙂 Best wishes for your health too!

  2. cute doggie… is that wellness formula working so far?

  3. Hey BE- are you getting emals from me?

  4. I don’t know that song watermelons by the bay, I know dock of the bay, I hope the wellness formula works for you, are you still feeling poorly?

    thanks for the link, bet you can get farik where you live.

    Gertie seems like such a sweet dog. Have you seen Jewels blog? Gertie kind of reminds me of her dog Brandy, sort of the same color markings.

  5. Wellness is great stuff! I use it daily, when I am out of whack. It not only works for colds, it also works for the blues.

  6. Hey I work with Wellness Formula in the health food store market here in Chicago. Could we reprint this photo in our newsletter? I thought it was a neat picture, and we could also add the web address for your blog on the newsletter as well! This is strictly non-commercial, just our local newsletter. I definitely won’t use it without your permission but if you let us use it we’d be thrilled. Yielding to the present is always a good idea! Thanks – Rob Seeman

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