I fired this small tile again with more majolica glaze on top thinking that I put too thin a layer on before the first firing, but in the second firing, more of the black came up through the white. (I put white glaze over black and then painted Spectrum majolica colors over that.) So the face, which after the first firing was just somewhat fugitive, now reminds me of a magazine picture that spent a few weeks in the compost pile.

What I am after is the color blend behind the flowers, where the persimmon comes up through the white in a kind of watercolor-like wash, not the bubbly breaking up of color on the flowers.

I got a beautiful sweater for Christmas. Unfortunately, it didn’t exactly fit. I returned it to the store which didn’t have another one like it, so, fashion took the hit as usual. I took the refund to Leslie’s and bought more jars of majolica colors. I am invested in making this process work in more ways than one. I did more tests today – lots of them – every combination I could think of. I may be going about this majolica overglazing the completely wrong way and if you have any solutions or ideas, I’d love to hear about them.

Craig can’t believe I did this. Either putting it together or breaking it apart a few days later.

I got it at the De Young Museum at the Amish Quilt show in a moment of either weakness or bravado. It seemed like a good idea at the time and then later I thought about not even opening it. I did because a holiday guest expressed interest in it but then got distracted by something else.

So there it was sitting on the table. I could have swept it back into the box. Instead I spent HOURS – I won’t even say how many, matching colors and shapes. Publicly I make fun of my drive to sit there till I finish it, but secretly I really love the visual and spatial challenge. Yes, Craig – who still can’t believe it – I was having fun even when I was screaming and pulling my hair in frustration.


7 responses to “Puzzling

  1. You made me laugh. I totally relate to the kind of persistence (OCD?) it takes to test all possible color combinations to get the results we want with our art (or putting together an impossible jigsaw puzzle!).

  2. Oh my gosh- that puzzel!
    I really like the flower tile, it is so soft and inviting.

  3. to early for spelling-puzzle I have been playing scrabble,with myself,to help my Spelling!

  4. that’s a masochistic puzzle if i’ve ever seen one. sofia’s in the puzzle mode, we’re up to 3 pieces. that image of the quilt reminds me of a painter from the sixties named vaserelli (not sure of the spelling) and when i was in 10th grade i tried to copy it in high school art class. thanks for the trip down memory lane

  5. What patience and determination you have my friend. I admire all your talents…that puzzle looked impossible, but you did it. Way to go!

  6. I like the flower tile, too! Can’t wait to see how your majolica continues.

    I love puzzles, too. I like to think that when I’m working on them, I’m keeping Alzheimer’s at bay by using my whole brain. 🙂

  7. all I know is that I know very little about colors and painting and hum a few bars and fake it!

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