and for the next test

I waited all day at the studio for the kiln to get cool enough to see what my majolica tests looked like even though I had forgotten to bring lunch or even any chocolate. That’s because, if you remember, I am very invested in these glazes, to the tune of I-spent-my-returned-Christmas-present-money to buy them and I want something to show for it.

The results were not what I had hoped for but after the initial disappointment, and a little talk with myself, I started seeing the results a different way. I had wanted to experiment and that means not everything will turn out the way I planned. Looking at it that way, I could appreciate what came out of the kiln for what it was, not what I thought it should be. So.

Isn’t this wild? The face I put on this tile didn’t look anything like this. I wish I had the imagination to make those wild eyes and green lips. Nope, it was just a regular, realistic-like looking face and then the glazes had their own party under, over and around my picture and made it their own way

A light blue glaze went down first, then yellow, and then persimmon under the white, with the majolica colors on top. That light green and blue green came from the yellow and blue mixing, but it mixed differently in different places

Pretty amusing. It looks like an old photographic slide that got thrown onto hot coals. Those windows and rooflines were straight lines before the kiln lid was closed and the electricity switched on.


8 responses to “and for the next test

  1. OH! I see where this could go in another direction!
    There are some real possibilities there.
    I like the way the glaze distorted the design.
    It is so funny that just when you think you are work ing safe……
    I would like to know more about the glazes.
    I really like the last one.
    And the face- I like that one too!

  2. Expectations are the real enemy in art — cause I love these tiles.
    I understand you wanted something entirely different – & how frustrating that is – believe me I’ve been testing glazes for months & my kiln is cooling now – so I better not jinx myself – lol.

    I don’t know what materials you are working with but Linda Arbuckle (UofFlorida) is a majolica artist & here’s some of her handouts:
    Maybe you can find something in these that will help.

  3. those are wild looking and they look really cool too. i don’t know how you could duplicate it but someone was saying (i think john glick) that if you have something come out that you like and you know you can’t duplicate, then charge more for it.

  4. The face tile is wonderful. Interesting that the glaze distorts your original design. I remember when I first got some glazes out of the kiln I felt the same way wishing it had turned out a certain way and now I try to keep in my mind the phrase “wonder what I will get this time” I think you are onto something with your glaze experiments.

  5. I’m jumping on the band wagon to say I love the distortions, too! Keep it up!

  6. If this had happened to me, I would carry on in exactly the same way. These faces are intriguing,and could be a “style” if you kept at it.

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