It’s a seasonal thing – the object of my mixed emotions. In the spring this tree has many small white blossoms and limey green new leaves – Like. In the summer it provides deep shade and develops cute little green clusters of seedpods – Like. In the fall, the seedpods turn bright orange and hang from the tree in bunches – Like (with reservations because I know what’s coming). In the winter, the seedpods fall EVERY time the wind blows. The seedpods hit the ground and explode open – Hate. Really Hate. Each one of the gazillion little seeds inside each seedpod is hard and sticky.

Sticky enough to attach to the bottom of your shoes and don’t easily scrape off. Sweeping them away each day only seems to make more fall. They especially like to attach themselves to fur.

It’s amazing how many hard tiny seeds can hide in Gerti’s fur. We try to brush her off before she comes in but apparently we miss a million or two.

We went to great lengths to save this tree when we expanded our house around it because it does such a great job of visually screening the close-by houses from our view and vice-versa.

As spring comes on I will start to Like it again when I sit inside and watch bird courtship dances in the branches just out the windows and appreciate that I can walk out my door and see leaves instead of a new crop of graduate students studying over breakfast on their deck. Just have to continuously sweep for a few more weeks.

I guess it could be worse. It could be snow.

Recently I vowed (hah!) that I would sketch a calla lily every day and I am proud to report that I came close to sketching it every day until it withered and then the other day while walking in the Ft. Mason area of SF

GGBridge from Ft Mason

Alcatraz from Ft Mason

I wandered into a community garden and sketched these while waiting for some friends.

I was so proud, not especially of the sketches, but just that I had 1. brought a sketchbook 2. used it.

Here is how one of the small bowls came out. And a bigger one that is ready for some clear glaze. It might be a little overworked, but I usually like the glaze pencil more after it softens the lines in the firing.


6 responses to “Like/Hate

  1. Your sketches remind me so much of your former paintings. Wonderful! Great lines and shapes! I really like the watercolor appearance of the little calla lilly bowl and the bigger Calla Mandala bowl, with all the different expressions of the flower, which I bet came from sketching it as it evolved during the week. I really like that idea of drawing the same flower every day as it changes. I thought you were just drawing “a” calla a day, didn’t realize it was the same calla. Cool inspiration!

  2. love the whirly calla bowl

  3. I have three very large Magnolia trees.
    I lovem when them bloom, but they are trash trees.
    They make the biggest mess you have even seen.
    But, sigh, i just leave them…..
    Pretty pots!
    I really like their softness.

  4. what kind of tree is that? love the plate in the last photo with the callas… beauty.

    • It’s a Pittosporum Undulatum. There are lots of P. varieties from shrubs to 40 foot trees like mine will grow to. I have 3 other varieties in my yard but the others are smaller and have very well-behaved seed pods. Just happened that the messiest one hangs over the house.

  5. Thanks everyone for the encouraging comments about the bowl.

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