Search and Snip

I was so happy to open the kiln and see this staring back at me. Not because I like how it looks, although I do like how it looks, but because I was relieved to see that the glaze had stayed on the tile and not gone running off. The glaze was very thick in the background and there are several layers of different colors with the majolica over everything. I had some nightmarish visions imagining just how far a pile of glaze could run – kind of like a cartoon horror movie with hot lava.

I am happy with how the glazes on the bottom came up through the top even though some of it is not what I expected. There’s that first glance inside the kiln that can disappoint because it doesn’t fit my image of how it was supposed to be but if I let go of that I can appreciate what did happen.

It is 7×8 inches in size and framed like a little box and on the next one I will remember to end the glaze at the edge and not go over the sides.

I’m still in the mood to sketch some callas. The one that I picked did wither before it was completely open as I thought it might. I tried to buy some, but haven’t found any open ones so I have been on the lookout for a place to pick them. They don’t grow exactly like weeds around here, but some people think of them that way because they can get thick and overgrown. My quest is to find that uncared for patch. There are some beautifully tended plants on my block which I would never touch, but I have been scoping out the neighborhood and I found a place today where the callas are clearly on their own and no one will mind if I take a few.

While I was writing this about going out and picking flowers my dad called talking about being snowed in. He lives near Pittsburgh and he hasn’t been out of his house for days but at least he has heat and power unlike my sister who only lives a mile from my dad. So sorry if you are one of those snowed-in people.


3 responses to “Search and Snip

  1. Oh I just heard on the news that Maryland is expecting 49 inches and so many folks are suffering with the amount of snow, hope your dad has plenty of food and supplies.

    I really like your tile with the blended colors. That blue you achieved is kind of a midnight blue, one of my favorite blues, but not seen very often. If you stop in at a nursery I know I have seen callas being sold in the spring in different colors and they probably wouldn’t mind if you clipped one or two. I’ve also seen them in grocery stores too. When I lived in Vallejo as a teenager, we had some growing in our back yard and another plant called naked ladies which were pink and nasturtiums in orange and yellow. The orange you have on your tile would be a perfect color for nasturtiums, which I love too. The Bay Area has such a great growing climate for so many plants.

    I know exactly how you feel opening the kiln, with my Cone 10 glazes I really felt that way, but I have tried to temper my thoughts and go with the flow. I was really worried with the first load of cone 5/6 because someone else was firing them and I thought, what if I ruin their kiln shelf. I’m not used to putting on three coats of glaze, it was definitely scary.

  2. nice surprise!
    These are so wonderful- I hope to see one in person one day!

  3. nice calla tile… it doesn’t seem as though you have to worry about it being too thick. i know what you mean, though, about opening that kiln and it doesn’t match the picture in your head

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