Still looking for the exact little bowl to use as a mold for my little bowls to replace the one that was stolen with my car. I have tried other bowls and tried throwing them myself, but nothing is just right. I know that old-style cafeteria bowl is out there somewhere, so yesterday Craig and I went to one of my favorite places. You can find any kind of junk or treasure in their acres of warehouse and outside yards.

I imagine most cities have a place like this but the amount of STUFF that comes in and out of here amazes me. I can go here twice in one week and see completely different things.

Most of the material I used for my studioette comes from here, including lumber and especially windows and doors and the tables I work on. Some of the stuff is unusual and lots just looks like junk to me, but, hey, one woman’s junk is another’s etc.

When we moved from our big, old house with years of accumulation that I couldn’t deal with, I called Urban Ore and they filled up a truck with our old aquariums, chairs, window frames, rusty kid’s bikes, etc. The Salvation Army can get picky about what they take, but the Urban Ore guys didn’t think anything was junk. Their mission is to keep stuff out of the landfill.

With no idea how marine eco-systems worked, there were around 40 dumps around the SF Bay until the Eighties. Our local landfill is now a park, as many of them are, with tall vent chimneys in the middle and 17,000 feet of PVC piping underground to collect the decomposition gases into one area to burn before the emissions are then released into the air. When the park first opened, sometimes the flames would come up through the chimneys. Dramatic but gross.

Now garbage from this area is taken to a Transfer Station down near the freeway and then trucked about an hour away to another spot that used to be beautiful, but before that the Urban Ore people are on hand to pick through and save anything that they think might be reused.

A little of what we saw:

We took home some milk crates, light fixture covers, a small table and some wire for the chicken coop I am planning. I didn’t, however, find that perfect little dish.


5 responses to “Re-use

  1. do they still have that Irish bar and restaurant near Spengers? I remember they had those great thick porcelain dinnerware and some small bowls that might work, or try the dollar store for plastic ware and spray WD-40 for hump or slump molds.

  2. I remember shopping at their old location (originally at the dump I think) for mechanical stuff like old typewriters for Robin to take apart (his favorite childhood play activity) and nearly perfect ride-on toys when he was a tot and I was broke. Great photos. I’m glad to know they’re still around! Per Linda’s suggestion, I did eat at Brennans recently and I do recall they still have those clunky plates and bowls.

  3. that’s it – it’s Brennans – I couldn’t remember the name, it’s been since the late 1970s since I went there I think, what an awfully long time. How wonderful to think that place is still in operation. My Gary was just saying he used to take his grandmother there even earlier than that and she loved it – I remember they used to serve a hearty soup, those were the days.

  4. they stole your car for the bowl mold? you never know. we have a place here like the one in the pictures called the Re Store. i get lost there sometimes and stay away because i don’t need home repair to distract me.

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