Keepin’ goin’

There have been some pots made during the chaotic last couple of weeks. Many more are s-l-o-w-l-y drying. It has been raining so much you can wring out the air around here. But at least it is not snow. Last week on a sunny day, it was even raining plumblossom petals.

So back to the chaos (admittedly comparatively mild as real chaos goes, but no fun nevertheless) which in large part was caused by the news that funding for Craig’s job was cut along with hundreds of other university lecturers in the Golden State (which is kind of a funny name to call it when the gold is long gone, especially in the area of education). Sigh.

Hopefully, by next fall the budget will be healthy enough to give him some work. Ironically he got the news about his job at about the same time that the publisher told him his book will be out in a couple of weeks and is already listed on Amazon. Hey, maybe it will become a best seller and then get made into a big Hollywood blockbuster and . . . OK, that’s an unlikely scenario for a book about how and why the EPA can’t do it’s job but it’s a fun dream.

Yesterday during a dry spot and having some pent-up energy, I attacked the vines that are threatening to weigh down our fence. I realize the Before picture is much prettier, including that unseasonal nasturtium, but it had to be done and the fence will be covered again in a minute or two. This vine, a Thunbergia, is a close relative to the brooms in The Scorcer’s Apprentice that kept growing even when chopped to pieces.


4 responses to “Keepin’ goin’

  1. sweet pot- and you have green stuff!
    The weather this winter has been so terrible.
    I am wondering if I will even get warm again.
    Sounds like a blockbuster movie/book to me!
    These layoff are terrible as well.
    My daughter has a job- hubby does not and with a baby on the way things have been a bit stressful.

  2. lovely piece… curious about the book. wish i had more time to read about why our country doesn’t work but it’s kinda like when i used to read about native americans… the story always ends badly. hope he does well with it though

  3. Good luck to Craig with his book, sorry about his job, hopefully things will get better soon. Crossing the country I unfortunately noticed it isn’t much better most other places either. I know what you mean about plugging along, I guess that’s about all we can do. Love how the design on your pot emphasizes it’s shape.

  4. I love the beautiful pot! And thanks for the memory from Fantasia–the broom and the dancing hippos in tutus were my favorite parts. Hugs to Craig and Gertie.

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