not B-ed

I’m working on more tiles like this one which has several layers of glazes on the background and then covered with white and then majolica.

I will have to re-draw these callas after I cover the tiles with white glaze, but I drew them so I can know where to not put the colored glazes. It seems partially like a wasted step. I wonder if there is pigment or something I don’t know about that would show through the white glaze so I don’t have to re-draw over the white. Any ideas?

2 weeks ago I couldn’t wait to have a stack of these tiles dried, and bisqued so I could draw the calla lilies on them and do more of the thick glaze layers on them. I could see the images in my head and was so impatient with how long the process was. Now that I unloaded the bisque, have several formed tiles and more drying, and it’s time to set brush to clay, I have to search around for that muse.

A few days ago, I started thinking again about image transfers on clay and did some experiments with printing on plaster and also started a few bowls like this one.

Would I be happier if I could stick to one thing for more than a week? Probably, but I’m not sure. I might like jumping around. It is a little frustrating, but I never get Bored. Not that I’m easily Bored, I’m more like easily intrigued by new things.

When I was a child I learned never to say the B word. Uttering “I’m Bored” in my house saddled you immediately with scrubbing the bathtub, folding clothes, raking leaves or whatever else popped into my mother’s agile mind. She saw no reason why a kid should be bored. She certainly didn’t feel responsible for her children’s entertainment and if you couldn’t figure out what to do with yourself, she would be in charge of it for you.

Every September, when I taught second grade, some kid would whine “I’m Bored” and I would stop everything and dramatically tell the story of all the things that my mother would make me do if I ever said that word. Maybe I embroidered a little but that’s what makes a story, right? Anyway, they got the point and I didn’t have to hear that irritating phrase (except occasionally when it was said with a grin or a giggle, hoping I would tell the story again). Even the kids who used the B word when they really meant “this is too hard for me,” usually figured out another way to express their difficulty.

Both the draw and the pitfall of clay for me is all the possibilities and even though I get a little frustrated with myself for flitting from one thing to the next I’m never B word.

4 responses to “not B-ed

  1. oh boy, I am so there, never the B word for me either. I flit and flit all over the place and often think if I could just stick with one thing I might be further ahead, but then I forget about that thought and flit some more. Happy non B to you.

  2. Who has time for the b word!
    I could use a little b around here!
    I really enjoy your tiles.

  3. couldn’t use the b word when i was a kid either, my dad would make us read a book… or pretend to read a book. some people just like jumping around, my best friend for instance. after a lifetime of jumping around, he knows a lot about a lot. formidable amount of information, knowledge and a touch of wisdom thrown in too

  4. Thanks Barbara for visiting my blog… these bowels are from 24 cm diameter to 35cm. it takes hours to do the decoration but it love doing this. I will read your blog during the weekend, but already learnd that you used to paint in the past as well. so glad to know about you.

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